5 Steps to Create Your Own Strip Lashes

It’s a big thing for everyone who want to start their own lash business. For anyone hope to create your own lashes, make sure you actually have a passion for the lash, beauty or makeup. You probably already have a idea about what you want to sell in lash market, but it’s a good idea to figure out exactly what you are planning to market, because there are too many lash styles and package solutions.  

As China professional eyelash and custom package box vendor, thousand of lash owners contact us to create their own lash, customize lash package box, Today we are going to show you how to create your own lash business step by step.

1. Market Research on Lash Business

From analytics and google trends, Global strip false eyelash market blooming, eyelashes annual sales in United States increase to $313 million in recent years. Due to strip lashes are the easist an quickest to wear in daily makeup, they are extemely popular business that many people want to start their business from.                                                            

Laying out your business plan, decide who are your target clients and market.

2. Own a Business Logo

 Every brand and owner should make a logo which can represent their vision, a good logo helps your brand more outstanding in lash markets. A good lash logo is memorable and a big part in your lash business. They can be put on lash package box, then people will remember your logo and strip lash products.

 If you are not good at design, find a designer in Fiverr or Instagram.

create your own strip lashes

3. Find the Right Eyelash Vendor Wholesale in China.

This is one of the most important steps you should do, since the best quality lash will brings no complaints, zero dispute, quality is very important for small business owner.

From market reseach, you know the high quality and cheap lashes come from China. There is completely manufacturing chain process from raw material to package in China. You can find many lash vendors from Alibaba or Google search.

In the step, you need to spend some money to test lash samples or place a small trial order before bulk purchase lashes. Quality lash should be soft but with fine texture. Choose the materials from silk, mink, or faux mink. there’s different types of lashes you need figure out which kind of lashes you want to sell, a little bit of mink or a little bit of silk.

For fast communication with China lash vendor, it’s better to download- WhatApp app.

We only use premium quality mink hair, it will ensure you receive no complaint from customers. We accept low MOQ 50 to print your logo or make labels on lash box.

4. Get Your Lash Business Started Now.

After order from China lash vendor wholesale, now you should consider how to promote your lash business.  

Figure out what social media accounts works better for you. Because social media is really big, try a good way to get your name out there. You’d like to do a big give away to attract people. You also need a list of beauty influencers who you want to sell lashes.  If you’re just starting out and don’t have much money, choose small youtubers who will accept a product do a review for you at first and then upgrade some large youtubers once you earn the money.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, are the best place for promotion. Choose the right platforms, share your post and brand your lash products.

Create a website to sell online, Shopify, Wix, Woocommerce are the best choice.

5. Customer Service:

Print thanks card which include your logo, brand, and after care tips for lash which people ask frequentely.


  • How do you apply lash?
  • How do you make them last long?
  • How do you wash them?
  • How do you care for them?
  • What style you know different styles you just have?

Prepare getting cards in very order package, who places an order gets and it basically says thank you for your order, give them a coupon code on the card and then it says tag us at any pictures and on the back it tells you how to apply your lashes, that’s a good way to get customers to return.

 Above steps are necessary part in start your lash products line. Opportunity is there; Get everything prepared will win you more pfofit. 

Write to do to-do list for you entire lash business plan, from logo design, product reserch, package, order, budget, promotion plan. Only think more, do more will make your own lash business successful.

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