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Manufacture all types of brow soap based on custom based on the different colors, sizes, etc. That is why we can provide you with quality brow soap at a competitive price. We can produce high-quality brow soaps with different boxes, colors, and sizes.Supply sample to check the quality.

Are you looking for newest brow soaps for natural and fuller eyebrows? Brow soaps are soaps specially designed using on eyebrows. The brow soap helps to create and hold styling, fully and natural brow styles for long time. The soap ingredients are vegan and natural, not contain any harmful chemicals to skin. It's the best brow product, we supply cheap bulk brow soaps in different package jars, custom logo available in wholesale bulk order.

Using soaps for eyebrows will perfectly lift eyes and face in makeup, it can be worn with makeup or individually. Usually the package include brow styling soap set with brow soap, mini mascara wand spoolie. The translucent soap film are set over brows and archive sleek and superior looks. It saves daily brow filling makeup time.

Features of Best Belong Brow Soap

eyebrow soap

1. Safety Formula

Best Belong brow soap is a clear soap bar, dispensed in plastic or metal jar. The soap of brow is vegan and cruelty free, paraben free and formaldehydes free.

eyebrow soap

2. Long Lasting Function

The soaps are perfect to hold and keep eyebrows in place, it brings a setting wear to shapes of eyebrow.The safe eye brow soaps provide soothing feeling and anti-aging treatment to client.

3. Strong and Flexible

The soaps for brow hold fuller featured brow shape in place, much convenient and affordable than brow lamination.

brow styling soap

4. Easily to Apply

The eye brow soap is hard bar type, it's easily to apply and brush on eyebrows with mascara spoolie. Used with warm water.

About us.

Best Belong owns high grade beauty makeup production line to manufacture and develop our brow soaps, starts from clear wax brow, now we accept color and scent customized in bulk order. The waterproof organic brow styling soap set lifts, tames and sculpts every hair on natural brows.The bar texture brow pomade can be used for long times, it's much more economical than salon brow lamination. You can get wholesale order of brow soap easily here. Safe payment, fast delivery, different package options. We are your reliable supplier of brow and lash products: brow gel, pomade brow, brow wax pen, lash extensions and strip lashes.

Why Choose Our Brow Soap?

1. The soap brow contains Glycerine ingredient to effectively soften and protect skin and brow while keep the shape of brow in hairs.
2. Suitable for any shape of eyebrows, gives thin and thick brows grooming styling laminated brow looks.
3. Easy to use at home or professional salon use. Add your own logo brow soaps in your lash, beauty, makeup business is profitable.
4. Soft and natural ingredients ensure the brow soaps works for any skin, no irritation clients.
5. Lift brow hairs thoroughly and keep all day, even for the most stubborn eyebrow.
6. The best brow soap to fix, lift and hold the brow long lasting brow-lamination looks.
7. Create fuller and volume brow appearance with our brow soaps, available in 20g, 50g, metal box, plastic box, makeup powder box.
8. Professional supplier of brow soap and brow and lash products, experienced in custom and private labeling.

Eyebrow Soap In Metal Case

Frequently Asked Questions

Brow soap is the perfect solution if you want the no-makeup makeup look. The best brow soap gives volume and a natural lift to your eyebrows. 

The best brow soap products help your brows to stay in place all day long. Also, they give a feathery and brushy look – thanks to the glycerin present in the brow soaps.

It is available in transparent and tinted options. Unlike most brow products, the transparent brow soap doesn’t add color but gives a fuller look and keeps the brows in place for longer.

Here are key points to consider picking the best among the soap brow products.

  • The best brow soap products contain glycerin. It helps to keep the brows in place.
  • The most appropriate brow soap contains humectant and moisturizing ingredients in it.
  • Regular bath soaps are inadequate for your eyebrows because they may cause irritation and dryness.
  • The authentic and well-known manufacturers add a spoolie in their brow soap packaging for your convenience.
  • You may get transparent as well as tinted soap brow products. If you have thick brows, transparent soap will do well. And if your brows have gaps and thin hair, you may add volume to them using tinted brow soap.
  • It adds volume to your brows instantly.
  • It keeps the brows in place for a longer time.
  • It contains glycerin and moisturizing ingredients that nourish your skin and brows.
  • Unlike other brow products, you may add volume and fluff without adding artificial color to the brow.
  • It gives your brow a natural look, not a fake, plastered, shiny touch.
  • It is easy to apply and mess-free.
  • It is safe, organic, and affordable.
  • Its compact packaging makes it an easy fit for your handbag and purse.
  • Once you have applied and brushed your brows, you can spot the odd one. Pluck it.
    • Firstly clean your brows. Ensure they are free from dust, makeup, and oil.
    • Take a spoolie and dampen it.
    • Rub the dampened spoolie gently onto the brow soap.
    • Brush the soaped spoolie on your brows in an upward movement. 
    • Ensure the product is applied evenly.
    • Continue to comb your brows with the spoolie until you get the desired results.

    Pro tip: Before using any new product, always conduct a test.

Brow gel is also used to shape your brows. It is not much different than brow soap products. However, its result varies, like:

      • The brow gel lasts for a short period than brow soap.
      • The brow gel is only adequate for sparse brows. It doesn’t provide an ultimate hold onto the thick and fluffy brows.
      • Brow soaps supply all day long brow in fluffy featured shape.
      • Brow gels are liquid gel type, the ingredients are different.

Pomade brow is another commonly used product. It also gives a brushed and neat look to your eyebrows.

  • Pomade brow is a creamy gel-like product that gives a fuller look by adding tints to your brows.
  • There are different color shades for pomade brow from brown to dark brown.
  • Clear brow soap is perfect for sculpting brows with transparent film and hold long time.
  • Both of brow soap and pomade brow can be customized in bulk order.

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