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Best Belong Easy Fan Lashes are 100% handmade and carefully selected lashes, they are specially designed to get perfect volume fan super quickly and easily. We produce the high quality and grade easy fan lash trays for wholesale bulk order and retailer to lash artists. Our easy fan lash extensions are deep dark black color, matte finish, standard curl in C D CC DD curl, 8-20mm, up to 25mm can be customized.

Your #1 Easy Fan Eyelash Extensions Manufacturer in China

Best belong eyelash extensions is the most professional eyelash extension manufacturer and supplier in China. We produce easy fan lashes, individual volume lash extension trays in different diameters, colors,s, and lengths.

We also supply:

Our easy fan lashes are thicker and rapid blooming, with jet matte black color.

Get Easy Fan Lash Extensions to Make Volume Sets to Your Clients

Easy fan lash look
Easy fan lash look

Best Belong Easy Fan Lashes are self fanning, they are super easy to make handmade volume fans than regular volume lash extension tray. Since making handmade fans is not easy, using easy fan lashes will allow any level lash artists to get the fan just in one second, just pick up lashes in your wanted numbers slightly, then you will get the perfect fan.

The dark black adds client’s lash line more noticeable and attractive.

Best Belong -Your Leading Easy Fan Lashes Manufacturer

Best Belong is China company in private label and custom lash extension supplies for many top and thousands of lash brands. We tend to offer you one-stop solution for lash extension wholesale supplies and lash tech supplies.

Best Belong can make extremely lightweight and soft easy fan lashes, they are available in 0.03mm 0.05mm 0.07mm, two layer of Korean Pbt fiber lashes are placed on lash strip with tiny glue on roots. This ensures the lash fans does not fall apart when picking.

The easy fan lashes have very stable curl, the foil back strip will make it super easy to pull from lash box, without leaving any glue residue.

Easy fan lash extensions are super good for lash beginners and experts, without worrying about volume fans. They save time and speed up volume lash sets applying time.

If you are looking to wholesale or private label your own brand easy fan lashes, Here Best Belong is your destination. As eyelash extension manufacturer and wholesale suppliers, we completely understand what your need and how to make your brands standing out.

Best Belong Easy Fan Lash Features

● Blooming automatically in one second

● Lash artist can make 2D 3D 4D 2D 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D -20D in any numbers you want.

● Minimal adhesive in easy fan lash roots makes the fans not falling apart.

● Fans like butter, enable any lash artists to make volume lash extension set.

● 0.03 0.05 0.07mm super thin diameter makes lightweight texture looks.

● Single length and mix length easy fan lash trays available.

● Premium PBT easy fan lashes are soft and fluffy as velvet.

● Enjoys long retension after properly aftercare

● Perfect for hybrid lash extension, volume lash extension, wispy lash sets and mega volume russian sets.

Why Choosing Best Belong Easy Fan Lashes?

● Our easy fan lashes can get rapid blooming fans without waste time and lashes.

● Affordable wholesale price brings you more profits

● Vegan and Cruelty-free

● Curl keep longer than other volume lashes

● Give your clients volume looks in any eye shapes

● Saving your lash fan making time with fast fanning lash extension

● Quick and convenient use in eyelash extensions

● Works well for both lash new babies and professional skilled artists

How to make volume lash fans from easy fan lash tray?

1. Use a right lash extension tweezer to pick up 2-20 lashes from lash strip

2. Slightly pull the volume lashes to right side, then push back all the lashes to lest, pick up the volume lash and get perfect volume fans

3. Dip the easy fan roots into lash adhesive, then apply to client natural lashes

4. Use a mini fan to dry the volume lash sets.

How to Custom Your Own Easy Fan Lashes ?

Best Belong is experienced in manufacturing and wholesale easy fan lashes in your brands. Confirm bulk order quantity, size, package details, label design will start after payment. All orders are shipped very soon without any delay.

Best Belong can produce easy fan lash trays in 12 rows, 16 rows, 20 rows or as your request. Package box available in plastic lash tray box, foil finish box or natural paper box. MOQ for private label your own lash tray is 100 trays.

Custom lash extension supplies is very profitable to resell lash extension products to other lash artists and beginners.

Fast Delivery

Private Label

Quality Control Approved

100% Secure Payment

Best Belong Eyelash Extension Supplies

We supply wholesale range of eyelash extension supplies for anyone want to custom your own brands. Quality is inspectely strictly. Lash extension trays, color lash extensions, flat lashes, premade volume fans, eyelash extension glue, primer, remover, application tools include adhesive wipes, mini fans, lash glue tiles, lash plates, anything related to eyelash extensions, we can supply. We have customers from all over the world, many of them are world top eyelash extension brands.

Whether you are lash artists new to custom your logo, or want to have a new supplier for your lash business, Best Belong is your best choice.

Easy Fan Lashes – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you one of those artists looking for lash sets that reduce the time for completing the volume set?

Making lash fans is not easy for any level lash artist, whether you are new beginners to lash or want to save time when lashing.

Easy fan lashes are the best choice for you.

Best Belong easy fan lash trays are in a mixed tray of 8-15mm, 15-20mm, they have foil silver backing for seamless strip removal and quick application, available in 0.03 0.05 0.07mm, is the perfect lashes for volume and hybrid lash sets.

Just pick up, pinch, and dip into glue; you can easily apply your volume lash extensions.

Easy fan lashes are made of amazing PBT fiber, they are pre-bonded at the base. 

Lash professionals also name it as one-second blooming lash or self-fanning lash. It’s perfect and soft for volume lash extensions and mega volume lash.

Compared to classic and volume lash, easy fan lashes are as soft and fluffy as velvet lash trays. They can be picked up in different numbers, 3D 4D 5D 6D 7D 8D 9D 10D.

Easy fan lashes can be defined as the most convenient extensions with varying lengths. They are placed in combination on the lash strip.

In this way, when the lash technician closes the tweezer on lashes, he or she will pick a bunch of lashes at once.

Easy fan lash is designed to increase the efficiency of creating volume lash extensions on the client’s lash line in short and less time.

They are highly recommended to artists who have no volume experience in lashes.

It plays the leading role in increasing the lash volume of your eyes to a greater extent.

They are made with the highest quality of individual lashes that are attached with the help of a small amount of adhesive.

In each strip, the length is the same; lashes of the same length range from 8-20mm.

They are pretty sticky when it comes to attaching them to the lash line of the client. In addition to this, it prevents the lashes from separating from the bottom or base of the eyes.

Easy fan lashes increase the volume of your lashes to a prominent extent.

In addition to this, they are also used because it helps in achieving a similar look obtained from installing the handmade volume fan lashes.

They are more than perfect for pinching or picking up with the help of a tweezer.

They enable the lash technicians to make the lash base smaller in less than the expected time. You can abtain the long-lasting high-volume lash look by getting the easy fan lashes done.

The super matte black finish adds denser and black to dark lash lines. They can be created for wispy and textured sets.

Yes, lash experts prefer using easy fan lashes since they are pretty good to make volume and dramatic lash looks. The easy fan is thicker than classic and has volume lash. They are manufactured in 2 layers in the lash strip.

Easy fan lashes are known for improving the time duration required to install the lashes.

Their durable nature makes the lash lovers purchase them around the orb. The presence of versatile lashes in a single bunch makes it easy for the lash experts to give volume to the client’s eyes.

Easy fan lash is available in different diameters, lengths, and curls. You can choose to make any wispy lash set, volume lash, or hybrid lashes.

The products you choose will determine your lash set’s outcome and can also slow down or speed up your application time.

Choose Easy Fan lashes in tiny base, super dark matte; your clients will love the darkness, amazing texture, and volume looks.


Making a handmade fan is not easy; lashing is a skill that needs daily practice.

If you are still struggling with your fan or speed, we highly encourage you to try the Easy Fan Lash Extensions.

  • Easy fan lashes are available with a very sticky glue at the bottom, so they are pretty easy to apply or pick
  • Regular lashes need extreme effort and time to pick and make fans.
  • Regular lashes need more skills and experience to get handmade fans, especially for lash beginners.
  • Easy fan lashes are an idea for new beginners to make volume lash and fans.
  • In addition to all these prominent differences, easy fan lashes are used to add more volume to the lash line, but regular lashes aren’t famous for the increased volume of your lash line.

No, easy fan lashes aren’t bad or harmful at all. They are extremely soft and lightweight to the client’s eyes since the diameter is only 0.03 0.05 0.07mm does not add any extra weight.

Furthermore, the sticky nature of easy fan lashes makes them pretty easy to install compared to the regular and other types of eyelash extensions.

Thus, lash professionals love easy fan lashes over all other types due to all these properties.

If you’re looking to improve volume lashing technique, choosing the easy fan lashes is a good decision.

  • Pick the Lashes in a Right Way

When dealing with the easy fan lashes, you have to take care a lot since a slight distraction can cause the lashes to get separated from the roots.

Thus, make sure to pick the bunch of lashes from one side of the lash strip.

  • Create a Perfect Fan of the Lashes

Besides picking up the lashes, creating the lash fans on the sticky strip is also pretty important.

Thus, you should re-attach the easy fan lashes on the lash strip. Try to align all lashes with a single bottom line of the strip.

  • Maintain the Speed While Re-attaching the Lashes

The handling speed of the lash technician matters a lot when picking or re-arranging the easy fan lashes. If you’re re-attaching the lashes too slow, the upper part of the lashes will get stuck. This condition will cause the lash fan not to open.

Furthermore, if you’re re-attaching the lashes at high speed, the lashes will start to start a bit more, thereby leading to increased difficulty in wiggling out the lash fan.

No, easy fan lashes don’t wrap at all because of the presence of a super-precise tip. It allows the experts to pick the desired number of lashes in the blink of an eye.

Due to this amazing fact, the easy fan lashes are not supposed to get wrapped while picking up or attaching to the lash line.

Unlike normal lashes, easy fan lashes are known for getting attached pretty easily to natural lashes. No doubt they are not the magic lashes, but the availability of the lash fan prevents them from falling off when you pick these lashes from the strip.

In addition to this, they can easily be molded into the desired shapes. A lash technician can easily make the lash fan with the required number of lashes just because these lashes don’t wrap.

Yes, it is convenient to apply the easy fan lashes on the lash line of the client’s eyes.

They are available with a sticky adhesive on their base. It’s easy for any lash artists to create looks. Furthermore, the lash fan also makes it easy to adjust the shape and the number of lashes according to the customer’s demands.

Furthermore, the fan-like tip present in the easy fan lashes makes it even more perfect for the lash experts to put them on the lash line of the client.

You need to remember many vital points to prevent the easy fan lashes from closing up. Some of these important tips are listed as under:

  • Make sure to use the right minimal amount of glue for attaching the easy fan lashes to the lash line.
  • Try not to dip the fans of lashes in the glue droplet.
  • Try to maintain the proper humidity level while installing the easy fan lashes in the environment.
  • Don’t leave or release the fan of the lashes too quickly after picking them up and dipping them in the glue droplet.
  • Make sure to use the right type of tweezers for picking up a particular number of easy fan lashes.
  • Try to be patient while picking up the easy fan lashes. A slight, quick action can make your eyelash fan close before installing them in the client’s eyes.
  • They Save Time

They save the time of the eyelash technician

It usually takes three hours to install almost all easy fan lashes on the eyes. Unlike the handmade volume lashes, the easy fan lashes can be installed quickly to save more time.

  • Available in Customized Designs

Another major benefit of using easy fan lashes is that they are readily available in customized designs to improve your overall outlook.

Lash owners using the easy fan lashes can adjust the required number of lashes in them. It means you can add lashes ranging from 2D to 20D.

  • No Need for Additional Course

There’s no need for you to pay high fees for learning the skill of installing them on the lash line of the user. You don’t have to attend classes to learn the application of the easy fan lashes.

Thus, easy fan lashes can be a perfect choice for someone just starting off the lash business.

  • Cheaper than Other Lashes

They are pretty affordable. It means you don’t have to spend a large amount of money while stocking up the easy fan lashes.

The prices of easy fan lashes are comparatively low compared to premade volume fans.

Easy fan lashes are pretty famous in the lash industry since they play the leading role in boosting up the volume of the eyes.

They can increase the volume of the eyelash line. However, you can also adjust them in different dimensions to make them look dramatic on eyes.

So easy fan lashing can be the perfect option for you if you want to increase the volume of your eyes in no time.

You can maintain the easy fan lashes by acting on the following tips:

  • Make sure not to expose them to moisture for about 48 hours after their application
  • Don’t use much glue while applying the easy fan lashes on the lash line
  • Don’t forget to brush these lashes to make them look fresh
  • Use the prescribed eye products as given by your eye specialist
  • Don’t put extra makeup on your face after getting the easy fan lashes done on your eyes
  • Try not to rub the eyes more frequently after the application of the easy fan lashes
  • Clean lash extension properly will bring long retention and healthy lashes.

Easy fan lashes are now available with a better retention than individual and volume lashes under proper aftercare.

They are available with a sticky adhesive on their base. This addition of the adhesive makes them efficient to last longer than usual.

You can make the long-lasting, easy fan lashes by following the given methods:

  • Pinch Method

It is regarded as one of the best methods for beginners to make the highest quality of easy fan lashes. All you need is a good tweezer and lash glue in this method.

Pick a bunch of lashes at a comfortable angle while using the tweezer. Apply slight pressure and maintain a firm grip to prevent them from falling off the tweezer.

Now pinch the bundle of lashes with your thumb and index finger. It’ll result in making the fan lash in no time.

  • Push and Bloom Method

In this method of creating lash fans, you’ll require high-quality glues or fixers. It included carefully picking up the easy fan lashes from the strip and then pushing the base at an angle of about 45 degrees.

As the bunch of lashes bounces back, they will create a perfect lash fan that is ready to apply to the eyes.

The procedure for applying the easy fan lashes comprises of the following steps:

  • Make sure to choose a J-style tweezer to pick up the lashes from the strip
  • Now pick the desired number of lashes from the strip and wiggle them with the help of the tweezer
  • Make sure to create a perfect fan of the lashes either by pinch method or by push and bloom method
  • Now apply glue on the base of the fan and attach them to the lash line of the client
  • Leave the lashes for a few seconds to settle them down

Easy fan lashes can be made for a Russian set.

Russian set is a style of lashes extensions, which can be made by premade volume fan, handmade fan, and easy fan lashes. Furthermore, the fans of Russian eyelashes are pretty easy to wrap around the natural eyelashes.

Some common differences between easy fan lashes and hybrid lashes are demonstrated as under:

  • Easy fan lashes come with different lengths of lashes, but hybrid lashes are a combination of classic and volume lashes
  • Easy fan lashes are pretty easy to apply as compared to the hybrid lashes

Easy fan lash is not premade volume fan.

Both easy fan and premade volume fans have a small amount of glue at the bottom of the strip.

They are perfect for making volume, but they are completely different.

Easy fans are a more dark and double layer than premade fans.

Easy fans price is lower and economical the premade fans.

Premade fans are well-made fans; just pick up from strip.

The easy fan needs to pinch the base and get volume fans.

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