Eyelash Brush

Want to buy eyelash brush in bulk? We are One stop eyelash brush bulk supplies, mascara wand, micro brush, eyelash cleaning brush, lash lift brush.

Eyelash brush is widely use in daily makeup beauty routine to brush lashes fluffy and remove dirty and buildup or professional lash extension, beauty, salon, spa use. whenever your apply mascara, clean lashes, gently sperately or brush your eyelashes, choose the proper eyelash brush will keep your lashes clean and healthy.

The benefit of Best Eyelash Brush

1. Soft durable brush head for multi function makeup use
2. Brush and groom lashes to fluffy
3. Different selections of eyelash brush for both professional and personal daily use
4. High quality durable material materials
5. Large stock for eyelash brush wholesale and bulk order
6. Pink, black, blue, glitter eyelash brushes for choose
7. Professional use for makeup, brow, tattoo, lash extensions.
8. Brush eyelash convinently in makeup or travel

Multi-Function Eyelash Brushes

Eyelash Spoolie Brush

Disposable mascara brush, 50pcs/pack, soft bristle fibre head and plastic handle. Spereate brush client lashes in lash applications.

Silicone Eyelash Mascara Brush

Silicone mascara head, brush and straighten lashes evenly. Used for lash application. Lightweight, handy and easy to use.

Bamboo Lash Wands

Eco-friendly bamboo brush handle, soft tapered brush head. Brush and groom lash, easy to apply.

Eyelash Applicator Brush

Flocked tip applicator brush, lint free tip, used for lash removing, cleaning,applying primer, super bonder, lip makeup.Also use as lip gloss applicator brush

Lash Wand Containers

Each mascara spoolie individually in clear tube container, more clean,sanitary and convenient. Best lash after care kit for your clients.

Mascara Wand Eyelash Brush Tube

Luxury resuable mascara wand brush, long crystal handle, nylon brush head, protect and brush lashes softly and keep lash in health.

Micro Brushes for Lashes

Microfiber brush tip is bendable and precisely applied. Pink, purple, blue, regular small, medium large size.

Long Tip Micro Brush

Special designeed long tip, disposable Microfibre Brushes, used for lash extensions, brow lamination, lash removing.

Metal Lash Comb

Curved metal teeth lash comb brush, define and sperate lashes, easily brush lashes upward.Pink black color, 195cm, conform to the contours of eyes shape.

Retractable Eyelash Brush

Foldable and easily slide mascara eyelash brush,easily stored and hygienic. Brush eyelash thoroughly and fluffy.

Duo Head Metal Eyelash Brow Brush

Double head eyelash brush and angled brow brush head, made of aluminium, plastic and nylon, easily to brush lash and brows in makeup.

Eyelash Extension Cleaning Brush

Pink, black, gold,crystal lash shampoo brush, made of fiber brush tip and smooth handle, used for lash cleaning, remove dust and makeup resiude. Used with lash shampoo cleanser.

Disposable Eyeliner Brush

Point fiber brush head eyeliner brush, each head with palstic sleeve, draw lip line smoothly.

Lip Brush

Disposable flat bristle lip brush, must have for salon, beauty, lash extension, brow, tattoo.Soft nylon bristle head, easy to apply for disposable sanitary use.

Y brush lash lift

Lash lifting perm Y brush, use to perm lash lift, place and glue lash on silicone pads. Clear, pink, blue color y brush.

Why Choose Best Belong?

One Stop Supplier

Best Belong manufactures eyelash extensions in various diameter, curl and length. You can find what you want.

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Best Belong only choose the Korean PBT fiber, which is best quality on market. Lashes are easily to pick up from lash tray box.

OEM Service

Best Belong has professional design team to make your logo on eyelash extension products. Different process for label sticker, stamp foil, UV printing.

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