Eyelash Dryer Fan Wholesale

Large selections of eyelash dryer fans, help to dry lash glues and reduce fumes released from glues. The eyelash extension fans will promote your lash glue strong and get better retention.

What is Feature of Our Mini Fans?

Different styles

We supply powerful bladeless fan, cute mitten fan, handheld fans in pink, black, white colors, different battery capacity.

Secret to Lash Retention

The handy lash fans is key to dry lash glue quickly,use it before during and after every set.

Ensure Client Safety

Ensure Client Safety Using lash mini fans reduces risk of eyes sensitivity. Dry lashes after lash cleansing before refill and appointment.

Tools for Lash Artists

Tools for Lash Artists Mini air conditioning blow dryer is needed for all lash artist,cool and sooth client eyes in application, perfect size to hold on lash desk.

Easy to Work in Lash salon

The mini fans are safe, durable for long time use. Made with lithium battery and USB cable, the fans are convenient to charge.

Low Wholesale Price

Bulk order lash mini fans have very low competitive price. Your logo can be custom on the mini fans.

Find the Right Mini Fans here!

Best Belong supply electric lash mini fans with client's own private logo. Work with us will develop and make your lash supplies up to a new level. As China leading lash dryer fans manufacturer for over 10 years, we continues to manufacture new lash products, new designs and help lash extension owners brand their lash business.

Durable Material

Lash mini fans use ABS plastic and PP materials for comfortable long time usage.

Custom Logo

Bulk order accept directly logo printing or custom package box design.

Package Design

Unique design on mini fan box, create professional package solutions.

Mini Eyelash Dryer Fans Wholesale

Lash Mini Fan

Mini hand held fan with holder, small size, elegant design.

Eye Dryer Fan

Portable mini air blower help curing lash set faster,cool down client.

Mini Eyelash Fan

Light mini portable fan, hand free, 3 speed sturdy airflow.

Eyelash Extension Dryer

Small fan with built-in sponge, humidification and refrigeration dual mode.

Eyelash Blower Fan

The handy lash fan are used to clear away lash adhesive fumes

Mini Eyelash Blower Fan

Rechargeable fan to remove fumes, vapour from lash glue.

Lash Blower Fan Hand Held

Powerful lash fan is convenient easy to use for lash extension, lash lift, lash cleaning.

Lovely Eyelash Blower Fan

Use cute yellow blue pink mini fan to speed up your lash extension application.

Mini Eyelash Blower Fan

Turn on the fan and use 10-20cm away from clients eyes.

Handheld Eyelash Blower Dryer

Cute and powerful mini fan speeds up your eyelash extension glue drying time.

Mini Cooli Fan

Cute and powerful mini fan speeds up your eyelash extension glue drying time.

Green Eyelash Blower Fan

Cute and powerful mini fan speeds up your eyelash extension glue drying time.

Cute Eyelash Fan Dryer

Choose the USB bladeless mini fan for lash brow lamination.

Pink Bladeless Mini Fan

Available in color and custom brand logo min fans.

Luxury Hand Fan

The handheld mini fan improves curing time of the adhesive.

Lash Dryer Fan

Kitty handheld mini fan makes lash treatment comfortable.

Why Choose Best Belong?

One Stop Supplier

Best Belong manufactures eyelash extensions in various diameter, curl and length. You can find what you want.

Top Material Supplier

Best Belong only choose the Korean PBT fiber, which is best quality on market. Lashes are easily to pick up from lash tray box.

OEM Service

Best Belong has professional design team to make your logo on eyelash extension products. Different process for label sticker, stamp foil, UV printing.

Over 20,000 Lash Clients

Work with lash owners from different countries to make their brand outstanding and business profitable

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