Eyelash Extension Aftercare Tips

Eyelash extensions are magic and timesaving because they save the time you spend on the morning’s makeup routine. With proper care, you won’t worry about lash falling off after 2 weeks, they could last for up to a month. However, they are delicate and require great care for them to last and look great. Below are some tips to help you with your eyelash extension journey.

For Clients

4-6 Hours after lash application

Make sure your eyelashes keep dry after 4 to 6 hours since professional lash adhesive bond need up to 6 hours to dry completely. Avoid washing your face, applying makeup, swimming, shower, or rubbing your hands around the eye area during this period. When you sleep, sleep on the back is most recommended.

Swimming Shower after lash extensions

When lash bond secure enough after 48 hours, enjoy your swimming with dramatic lashes. When going for a swim, ensure that you wear goggles, little splashing water from the shower won’t hurt extensions. Run your eyelash extension through clean water to wash off the chlorine from the swimming pool, salty water, or debris from the sea. Chlorine and salty water contain elements that could loosen the adhesive. Debris like sand from the sea will create buildup on your eyelashes and cause them to shed. When showering, avoid heated water because hot water and steam that will melt your eyelash extension.

Avoid high temperatures

We know the shower is safe for eyelash extensions, but keep away from high temperatures such as ovens, stoves, grills, and saunas is a must. Extreme Heat can make lashes become straight or melt.

Clean your eyelash extension

Eyelash extensions require regular washing and cleaning. Dirty lashes will shorten extension time  and end up losing them faster. Dirt from dead skin, makeup, and oil will break the eyelash extension adhesive, leading lashes falling off much easily. To clean your eyelash extension, gently apply lash cleanser using a lash cleaning brush to brush your eyelashes. Rinse them thoroughly with clean water and then dry them or pat dry with a towel. Brush through your eyelash extension to separate them after drying. It is crucial to have brushed out eyelashes to avoid them tagging on to each other, which doesn’t look right.

When looking for an eyelash extension cleanser, make sure that it doesn’t contain any oil. Oils will cause the premature falling of your extension. Get eyelash extension foam cleansers from your lash salon is a good choice, as lash professionals know clearly which is the best lash shampoo cleanser, most of lash brands own their brand lash aftercare products.

Get facial treatment

Remember to inform your cosmetologist about our eyelash extension before a facial. There are steps in your facial that will not be ideal for your extension. Your cosmetologist will have to use oil-free products around the eye area. As earlier stated, steaming will loosen your adhesive, so you will have to skip some unnecessary steps if you want your eyelash extension to last.

Get refills after 2-3 weeks

Lastly, don’t forget to go for your refill in 2-3 weeks. Naturally, eyelashes shed 20% every two weeks. Eyelashes go through three phases: the anagen stage, where they grow from the hair follicles. The catagen stage, where they have now attained their natural length and stop growing. The last stage where they fall off is to give room for new ones, the telogen stage. Everyone’s eyelashes are at the same three phases at different times. That is why you never have a period where you have no eyelashes. You may not notice the tiny shedding of natural lashes, but you’ll see the fallen lashes with extensions. For this reason, you need to refill so that you don’t have gaps in your eyelashes.

For Eyelash Artists

As an eyelash artist, it is essential to sit down with your client before the procedure to help them understand the process. These extensions are not cheap, and they are high maintenance. Therefore, ensure that your client understands what they should and shouldn’t do. What to expect after getting eyelash extension and give them useful aftercare tips. Teaching your clients how to wash eyelash extensions and the right ways to care for them would be helpful. People can be very forgetful, and having a printed instruction card from you will help the client remember what is expected of them. If possible, follow up with a phone call. Doing this will build trust with the client and make them come back.

In conclusion, eyelash extensions require maintenance for them to last long. The above tips are to help you take better care of them and make them last longer. And if you are the lash artist who want to get more ideas, create a great customer service with your client by ensuring they understand the process,  follow your card’s instructions or selling your lash aftercare kits– usually include a lash foam cleanser, soft cleaning brush, lash wand.With these tips, you will win more eyelash extension business.

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