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Best Belong is one of the professional eyelash extension glue wholesale manufacturer in China. We produce safe and strong eyelash extension glues in different dry speed, strength and lasting time.

We also supply

Best Belong Eyelash Extension Glue for Professional Lash Extension

Best Belong is a eyelash glue suppliers for many lash brands and business, we manufacture a full range of black lash adhesive, clear lash extension glue, pink and blue color glues. Our lash glues work well in all conditions. They are latex free, oil - proof, waterproof, low fume, not burn client eyes, flexible. Choose the best lash extension glue is key factor in your lash business, we supply for many different lash brands in their own brand, logo and custom package.

Best Belong- Your Leading Eyelash Extension Glue Manufacturer

Best Belong is China based lash extension manufacturers, starts from lash trays, we expand our production line to lash liquid products, eyelash extension glues is one of our king products supply for lash supplies.

We tend to offer the hypoallergenic medical grade lash extension glues, without any irritation, perfect for classic set, hybrid and volumes lash sets.

We can make different drying time adhesive, they are super strong black lash adhesive, 0.5s 1s fastest dry which is suitable for professional lash technical masters. The extra strong lash adhesive will speed up your lashing work. 1-2s dry adhesive is the most popular one, which works well for almost any level lash artists. Clear lash extension glue is designed for color lash extension and those who are sensitive to carbon black ingredient.

As an eyelash extension glue manufacturer, we always produce the most fresh glues. Lash extension glue has short shelf life, so we produce in small batches to maintain freshness. All glues sent out are newly produced. We also store our South Korea Orgin raw materials and well made bulk lash glues orders in very strictly and safe ways.

Raw materials of our lash extension glue is Cyanoacrylate, which is the most important ingredient for any lash glues. We know how stress to search different eyelash adhesives, so our productions always choose the high grade ingredients to develop 0.5second drying time eyelash glue, 1-2 second, 5-6 second.

As professional lash extension glue manufacturer, we supply different package options to lash brands, 5ml and 10ml are most popular options. We have various premium lash glue bottle and caps for you to custom your own brand lash glues.

Why Choose Best Belong to Get Your Own Eyelash Extension Glue?

Best Belong eyelash extension glue is designed for adhere lash extensions to natural lashes, we are supplier for lash glue wholesale and production for over 10 years.

Professional private label on lash glue sticker and box design, each glue pack individual with silica gal and glue pin.

Sample test before bulk order, we know when you try to find the proper glue, it’s better to test if the glue works well in your lashing room. Sample order accept.

When you start your lash business, Best Belong is expert to be your whole product range supplies. We have enough stock, printing factory, quality inspecters to ensure your lash glue order and other eyelash extension supplies order 100% satisfied.

Our eyelash extension glues are hyoallergenic, not burn eyes, different dry speed and retention time, make they are very good for classic and volume set. Different level lash artist from new to advanced, all can find the one that works.

We know when you start to make your own logo lash glue, small quantity is prefered. We supply low MOQ to begin, this will save your cost and speed your lash extension wholesale business.

The most great and popular lash glue series we supply

0.5 Second

0.5 Second​ 1 second super fast setting and strong black adhesive, great for both classic and volume,up to 8 week retention time.

1-2 Second

1-2 second strong black adhesive, great for both classic and volume, up to 6 week retention.

lash extension glue

Clear Glue

1-2 second clear lash extension adhesive, work for colored and brown lashes.

NON-Fume sensitive lash adhesive, specially designed for clients in senstive skin.

Best Belong eyelash extension also supply non-shake glue, pink and blue lash adhesives, they works for color lash and clients who want to have special color.

Whether you need wholesale eyelash glue or custom any eyelash extension products, Best Belong can satisfy your needs.

Besides lash glues, we can also manufacturer 0.03 0.05 0.07 0.10 0.15 0.20 individual volume lash extension, YY lash, premade fans, color lash extensions.

For lash extension liquid products, we also supply private label lash primer, lash shampoo, lash remover gel, cream remover, super bonder.

We are the most reliable suppier for your lash extension business in product quantities, fast delivery, safety payment.

Because every lash artists want to have thier own outstanding lash business, our eyelash extension glue wholesale orders are welcomed by many clients. All glues are artist tested, vegan and cruelty-free.

Best Belong lash extension glues provide hypoallergenic formula, this is important when your consider how to choose the right adhesive. Client comfort and safe is the issue.

If you are looking to get your own lash extension glues wholesale, make sure to supply different options, fast drying adhesive for skilled artists, slow drying adhesive for new to lashing. You will have different skills lash artist clients. Remember, start at least 2 type lash glues.

When you need good glues for eyelash extension business, we ensure that you will gain the high-quality of products to raise your brand name in the market.

For eyelash extension glue wholesale,choose the one who can provide custom packaging for your lash business, grow your business and purchase in bulk.

Wholesale your own brands will bring your more clients and profits, contact to start Now!!!

Eyelash Extension Glue – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Are you looking to find the best eyelash extension glue for your lash business?

We have made a handy FAQ guide for both of these concerns.

After comprehensive research and analysis, we tried to integrate commonly asked questions about eyelash extension glue in the guide below.

So, let's explore the questions without any further ado.

Eyelash Extension Glue is the most significant product in eyelash extensions, mink or silk lashes can be attached to a natural lash with glues.

It’s used in the eyelash extension application process to help lash experts attach lashes with natural lashes. There is a wide range of different eyelash extension glues out there in the market, which is used in salons and eyelash extension brands.

The lash extension must be dipped in the lash adhesive at least 2mm to create a perfect bond. Using too little glue may result in quickly falling out from natural lashes.  Using too many glues can result in lashes getting stuck and causing uncomfortable to clients where they are clumping together.

However, the use of low-quality eyelash extension glue can be hazardous for the person’s eye since it can cause pain and discomfort for the client.

Considering the high expenses of eyelash extensions in the beauty industry out there, it is suggested to invest your money in getting the highest quality eyelash extension glues.

Moreover, choosing the best glues will definitely bring much better retention and a lower chance of irritations.

For lash new beginners and lash professionals, you should choose the one that fits your lash application speed and technique.

Lash extension glue usually comes in color of black and clear, now we also develop colorful lash adhesive in blue and pink.

Yes, eyelash extension is safe and non-toxic. It’s good for making individual and volume lash extension sets.  Thousands of lash brands choose our eyelash glues to custom their own brands.

Yes, eyela Moreover,  all types of eyelash extension glues does not contain any amounts of formaldehyde.

Oils weaken and break down lash extensions, glue for lashes is oil proof to prevent bonds been breaked down. Our lash glues are oil resistant to combat with even oily skin.

Clean natural lashes with primer  is necessary step for lash applications, it helps to remove excess oil will make lash glue perfom perfectly.

Cyanoacrylate can be defined as one of the most critical materials used in the production of eyelash extension glue. It is also known as a substantial bonding agent that comes with a fast-drying nature.

The glue-like nature of cyanoacrylate increases the bonding ability of the eyelash extension glue. No doubt, you’ll not risk your eyes by applying cyanide on them.

But cyanide is known as the triple bonded carbon atom that is attached to the nitrogen atom. This structure of cyanide is pretty dangerous for the eyes.

But almost all types of adhesives or glues must contain this material in the form of a thickening material. It is added to the eyelash extension glue once it is fully processed and manufactured. The chemical nature of cyanoacrylate is fully neutralized before adding it to the eyelash extension glue.

Another essential chemical that is known as acrylate. It can be precisely defined as the conjugated base of acrylic acid.

Furthermore, acrylic acid is an organic acid that plays a leading role in hardening or thickening the material/ glue when exposed to air.

When applied to the eyes, the fast drying of the eyelash extension is aided with the addition of acrylate in the materials or chemical components of the eyelash extension glue.

Some common advantages of using eyelash extension glue are listed as under:

  • Eyelash extension glue is waterproof, oil-proof, latex-free and safe use for eyes.
  • Eyelash extension glue will make long retention natural and dramatic looks, without apply or remove on everyday makeup routine.
  • Eyelash extension glue can creates classic set, volume sets, hybrid sets and wispy lash extension sets.
  • Fast drying time lash adhesives speed up lash extension application.
  • Right use of eyelash extension glues doesn’t destroy the texture of the natural eyelashes
  • Sensitive people can also use the eyelash extension glue with great ease
  • Eyelash extension glue is very flexbile bond, without any extra weight.
  • Hypoallergenic eyelash extension glue contains less fume and odor.
  • Eyelash extension is specially designed for beauty and lashing, it’s medical grade adhesive.

The best lash extension adhesive brings long retention without causing irritation

Following chemicals are present in an eyelash extension glue:

  • Cyanoacrylate

It is the commonest chemical present in an eyelash extension glue since it helps to stay in touch with the lashes for a longer time. It doesn’t let the lashes fall off even in contact with moisture.

However, cyanoacrylate is basically a colorless liquid that is used in the adhesives used for the extensions installed on the skin.

The primary purpose for the presence of cyanoacrylate in an eyelash extension glue is to harden or thicken it when it is exposed to air.

  • Hydroquinone

Another essential chemical that is used in the processing of eyelash extension glue is hydroquinone. It makes sure to keep the glue in a liquid texture when present in the bottle. But it cures the glue when it is applied to the lashes.

It can be appropriately defined as the stabilizing agent in the eyelash extension glue, thereby letting the customers don’t suffer from the distress of having a useless bottle of stuck eyelash extension glue.

The primary role of hydroquinone in an eyelash extension glue is to disarm the free radicals in it. The addition of this chemical in glue increases its durability to a noticeable extent. Thus, it helps to stop the curing process in the glue.

  • Polymethyl Methacrylate (PMMA)

It helps in hardening the glue when applied. However, it is also used to strengthen the ethyl cyanoacrylate, thereby improving the glue and lash’s adhesive bond.

Furthermore, a quick curing process in the eyelash extension glue is highly aided with the use of Polymethyl methacrylate.

  • Carbon Black

Essential chemical ingredient present in the eyelash extension glue. It gives a solid black color to the glue to match with the eyelashes.

The black finish added to the eyelash extensions is due to the presence of carbon black in the eyelash extension glue.

Only black lash adhesives contains carbon black, transparent lash adhesive doesn’t contain any carbon black.

Lash glue is safe to use, but never get glue into client’s eyes.

It’s highly hazardous if glues gets into eyes. It may damage your vision if it gets into your eyes by chance.

Allergic reactions can also be a potential hazard for the entry of an eyelash extension glue in the eyes of the person.

That is why the experts are suggested to apply this glue with great care in order to avoid unnecessary discomfort and pain.

Choose trained lash artist, they have been learned the right procedure to use lash extension glue.

  • Shake the bottle of the eyelash extension glue properly before using it or applying it to the lashes
  • Shaking the bottle before using it will remix all the chemicals and ingredients in it to ensure its best results
  • When using the eyelash extension glue, don’t let the bottle of the glue touch the eye skin.
  • Recurrent contact of the surface with the bottle’s nozzle can contaminate with dust or other chemicals
  • Make sure to burp the bottle when you have used the glue
  • The burping of the bottle cap will sustain the freshness of the eyelash extension glue
  • Wipe the bottle nozzle of eyelash extension glue by using a lint-free paper
  • It will remove the dirt particles from the bottle cap

Tightly close the lid in order to prevent the hardening

The key difference between eyelash extension glue and strip lash glue is that the former is used to attach lash extensions to the natural lash line. Strip lash glue is applied to the lash strip line. Unlike the professional eyelash glue, it is not applied directly to the fake lashes separately.

The eyelash extension glue dries instantly and is pretty difficult to remove once applied.

However, the strip lash glue can be removed even after one hour of its application. There’s no need for you to use professional lash glue removers to remove the strip lash glue.

There are no prominent hardening or thickening agents in the strip lash glue; that is why it comes with a less durability time as compared to the professional eyelash extension glue.

If the eyelash extension glues are mistakenly applied to the strip lashes, they can cause severe discomfort for the person and result in removal difficulty.

The most important thing is eyelash extension glue can work in all condition, but different humidity will effect glue performance. In summer, there is higher humidity in lash salons, so the faster lash adhesive cures. In contrast, the lower humidity will takes more time for lash glue to curl. When your glue not work well, check if your working environment is stable, use a humidifer which can show temeprature and humidity, will ensure your glues always work well in condition. Some lash artists will use different glues in summer and winter.

The viscosity of an eyelash extension glue is the thickness of the glue applied on the eyelash extensions. Different lash adhesives come in various thickness : thin, medium and thick. When

High viscosity lash adhesive is thick adhesive and low viscosity adhesive is very thin.

Ingredients determines the viscosity of lash adhesives.

Thick viscosity lash adhesive curls slower than thin adhesive.

When you find the viscosity of glues drops in application become thick, you should dispense new fresh drops.

You can take proper care of your eyelash extension glue for long retention by following the given tips:

  • Make sure to shake the bottle properly after every use
  • Wipe the nozzle of the bottle with a lint-free paper
  • Try to immediately clean the bottle after using the eyelash extension glue
  • Avoid using the lint containing material to come in contact with the eyelash extension glue
  • Remove the unnecessary materials stuck with the nozzle of the glue bottle
  • Make sure to tightly close the lid of the bottle after using it
  • Avoid keeping the bottle in moisture conditions since it can lower the lifespan
  • Maintain optimal conditions of temperature and humidity while using the eyelash extension glue
  • Keep the eyelash extension glue cool and dry while using it
  • You can also use a airtight  container to store eyelash extension glue

You can prevent eye irritation in clients while applying the eyelash extension glue by following the given tips:

  • Make sure to do a patch test on the client’s skin before applying the eyelash extension glue.
  • Apply the lash extensions in a well-ventilated area so that the fumes get dispersed easily from the eyelash extension glue
  • Clean client natural lashes before applying the eyelash extension glue on the client’s lashes
  • Use sensitive lash extension glue on clients had an allergic reactions before.
  • Use handheld mini fans to quickly dry lash adhesives.

When it is talked about the shelf life of the eyelash extension glue, it ranges up to three to six months opened. This shelf life is possible only when it is properly stored.

Not only this, but the shelf life of any opened adhesive ranges from four to five weeks.

If it is extra thick or sticky, it’s time to replace the extension glue with a new one.

You can replace/change the new eyelash extension glue nozzle by getting a special type of gadget called a nozzle remover.

With the help of a nozzle opener, you can easily remove the hard nozzles of glue, primer, or even solution bottles.

All you need to do is to place the nozzle edge under the gadget and gently lift it in the upward direction.

However, when you’re changing the glue nozzle, make sure to be quick while doing so since the opened nozzle can dry up the glue inside the bottle very quickly.

New glue nozzle keeps glue freshness.

When lash extensions need to be removed, don’t pull by hands. Use professional lash remover cream or remove gel to lash extensions, the remover will dissolve lash adhesive bonding point. Extensions will be easily removed after 3-5 minutes.

The first thing to consider is your working environment. Although lash adhesives can work in any condition, but only in the proper humidity and temeprature, clients will get long retention, extension will not easily fall off when glue perform well.

Secondly, it depends on your lash skills. If you are fast and professional lash artist, you will need a quick curing glue. But if you are new to lash, choose a slow curing time adhesive is much better. The slight slower drying time ensure new lash artists have enough time to properly place a fan before it dries.

The fastest lash adhesive is 0.5s, the slower adhesive is 2-3s, or 3-4s.

Both fast and slower lash adhesive works for individual classic lash set. For volume lash set, using a much faster glue is highly recommended. Since some of handmade volume lash fans will not spread long time, dip in fast dry glue, will get perferct lash fan.

Used for lash professionals.

Keep reach out of children.

Don’t apply on self application.

Keep in cool and dark place.

For lash owners adding lash adhesive will brings more business and profits, you can sell own brand lash glues to other lash artists. There is printed label on bottle, which shows your logo, product name, ingredients and use directions.

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