How to Store Eyelash Extension Glue Rightly?

In daily lash extension works, eyelash extension glue is an important tool used daily by every eyelash extension technician, but many eyelash extensions technicians have had some bad experiences with their eyelash extensions glue. Some of these experiences include:

1. Lash glue getting clogged and not being able to squeeze it out.

2. Glue lacking the same adhesive power it had when it was firstly used.

3. Lashes not sticking well in the application, thus, making the customer uncomfortable.

4. Client’s lashes falling off quickly, even though glue manufacturers claim a retention time of 6-7 weeks, while in essence it’s only about 20days or less.

Many of the listed issues are caused by the wrong storage method of lash extension adhesive. How well a glue will perform depends on proper storage in an ideal working environment, with humidity and temperature regulated.

eyelash extension glue

So when you find the best lash glue, do you know the importance of storing your eyelash extensions glue? If you do, do you know how to store in proper and right ways?

Our article is to show lash technicians more details about eyelash extension glue and how to use and store it.

Here are some of the great suggestions for glue storage:

  • Keep eyelash extensions glue safe and in good condition.
  • Store Eyelash Extensions Glue in normal and consistent room temperature.
  • Store in a dry, dark and safe place, away from sunlight and water.
  • Make sure it is protected from temperature fluctuations and humidity.
  • Keep it upright, not lay flat.

Whenever you store glue, you must ask yourself if you have followed the above precautions. We believe you get more knowledge after our blog share, no matter you are lash beginner or lash master.

If you store the lash glue in the right ways, it will extend its shelf life and keep the glue fresh and stable when applied. Using right glues will help you win more customers’ positive feedback and attract long-term customers.

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