A Comprehensive Guide to Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions increase the glow and appearance of your eyes to a larger extent. Not only this, but you get a defined look with makeup when you have got eyelash extension. That is why girls are looking for different eyelash extensions to customize their looks.

So, to meet the client’s requirements, eyelash extensions are now available in a never-ending variety. They differ in appearance, but you can distinguish them based on materials. Lengths, volumes, and curls.

So, satisfying your client with their look is not a problem now. You can make them choose from a wide range of eyelash extension types that go best with their look.

In short, let’s get straight to the definitive guide of eyelash extensions below:

Types of Eyelash Extensions

If you’re fed up with your lashes falling off, you must explore different types of eyelash extensions that suit your eyes. In order to help you out, we have listed some common types of eyelash extensions. Let’s explore them in detail below section.

1. Classic Lash Extensions

As the name reveals, these lashes keep the look simple yet classic. They are basically natural-looking eyelashes that give a volume yet basic appearance to your eyes. They naturally increase the lash volume on your eyes. If you’re one of those who don’t want any glam eye look, classic lash extensions can be the best option for you!

Here’s more:

Classic lash extensions are mainly designed to extend, darken or increase the volume of the natural eyelashes. They are applied in a one-to-one ratio on the client’s eyes. So what does that mean? A single classic lash extension adheres to the single natural eyelash of the client. You must be amazed to know that this was the very first design of lash extensions in the market.

If we talk about the application time of the classic lash extensions, it takes only 1.5 to 2 hours to apply them to your client’s eyes. They need further maintenance tips to make them last longer. They are made up of highest quality of mink, silk, synthetic materials and human hair.

2. Volume Lash Extensions

After classic lash extensions, people started demanding an extra volume in their eyelashes. So, to meet their demands, the lash industry released volume lash extensions in 2013. If we dig in more about the volume lash extensions, they consist of a technique in which multiple lightweight extensions are picked up and fanned together.

Yes, it’s right!

They are made by fanning out a wide variety of lash extensions. But when it comes to their application, they are applied to only one natural lash (one too many lashes). However, the clients can customize them according to the look they want. They can even customize the thickness or volume of these lashes. It’s astounding to know that an artist can apply about 200 lashes per client’s eye.

Applying such a tricky eyelash extension requires a particular procedure. The same tweezers used for classic lashes can’t be used to apply them. However, if we talk about the commonest diameter for starting its application, it would be 0.7.

Regardless of the glam look it provides, volume eyelashes are categorized as under:

· Mega Volume Lashes

They can be defined as fluffy yet hairy extensions to improve the look of the clients. They are made by combining the fans of 7-15 ultra-fine eyelash extensions. In addition to this, they are handmade lashes with a length of about 0.03mm. You don’t have to worry about weight carrying on your eyes. They offer more flexibility and retention ability when applied to the eyes.

In addition to this, their applications require up to 50% of the natural lashes just to boost the overall volume. However, the application time of mega volume lashes is about 1-2 hours.

· Natural Volume Lashes

Besides the mega volume lashes, classic volume lashes are designed for those who want a natural eye look but with a slight glam. These extensions are known for giving a matte finish to your eyes. If you love your eyelashes with mascara on, you can get the same look with the natural volume lashes. Other than this, lash artists love to apply these lashes to clients having naturally full lashes.

· 2D Volume Lashes

As the name indicates, these are the two lashes attached with the single lash on the client. They are estimated to have a length of about 10mm. heir fan creates an embarking set of lashes. If you haven’t full natural lashes, you can go for 2D volume lashes.

· 3D Volume Lashes

Eyelash extensions that give volume to your eyes in three dimensions are known as 3D volume lashes. They are famous since they are about 3-times thicker than the other volume lashes. Fuzzy layers of the lashes are created to increase their surface area.

· 4D Volume Lashes

4D eyelash extensions correspond to the application of four extensions to a single natural lash. This type of volume lash extension is designed to give the clients a makeup looks. You’ll get a mascara look after applying the 4D volume lashes.

· 5D Volume Lashes

Besides the different types of volume lashes, 5D lashes include the application of five lashes to one natural lash of the human eye. They are listed in the newest trends of the eyelash industry now. The addition of five eyelash extensions per natural lash will boost your eyelash volume.

· 6D Volume Lashes

In these types of volume lashes, about six eyelash extensions are attached with a single lash of the human eye. They are also named the Russian volume lashes. In addition to this, they are made by using 0.07 synthetic eyelashes.

3. Hybrid Lash Extensions

Are you looking for something as simple as classic lashes and as glam as volume lashes? Don’t worry! We have brought hybrid lashes for you. They are designed for those customers who love a moderate eye look. They are made with a perfect combination of volume (SVS or Russian) eyelashes and individual eyelash extensions. They are also known for giving the required volume for your eyes.

Above all, hybrid eyelash extensions seem like the best option for those who want a textured look on their eyes. In hybrid lash extensions, classic lashes are integrated to add much more to their length, and a linear silhouette looks to the eyes. If you’re one of those who want bespoke lashes, it can be the best option for you to go within this season.

One of the major plus points of the hybrid lash extensions is that it takes only 90 minutes for the lash artist to install them. No matter how much volume you want, they don’t demand much time for their installation. Plus, if we talk about the retention time of the hybrid lash extensions, they last up to 8 weeks with refills every 2-3 weeks. You don’t have to bother about the price of these trendy lashes. They cost only $60 per treatment.

4. Wispy Lash Extensions

In addition to all these eyelash extension types, wispy eyelashes or Kim K lashes is another option for lash lovers. They are known as a trendy style in the lash industry. This type of lash extension is handmade by creating a fan of about 2-6 lashes. After the fan creation, wispy eyelashes are applied with alternating lash lengths on the client’s eyes.

Here’s an amazing fact:

Wispy eyelash extensions are the perfect option for those who want a spikey false lash look. Depending on their volume, they are divided into the following sets:

· Wispy Volume Fill

This kind of extension is preferable for those who have already installed eyelash extensions on their eyes. They give almost 50-60% coverage to the eyes. Not only this, they offer a demanded durability of 2-3 weeks.

· Wispy Volume Fill Light Set

Besides the volume fill, this type of wispy eyelashes is recommended for those who have eyelash extensions but still want a spikey appearance on their eyes. They are known for giving 70-80% coverage on the eyes. Other than this, they can last up to 3 to 4 weeks without refill.

Regardless of the different refill sets, wispy eyelash extensions offer different curls and lengths for the various sections of eyelashes. Suppose you want spikes, 0.07/.15D curl is perfect for you, but if you love the base lashes, 0.03/.05 C curl is the best option to choose. However, a unique mapping process is implemented to apply them to the client’s eyes.

Final Words:

The Eyelash industry is developing day by day with new upcoming options. That is why we have tried to list some famous yet commonest lash extension types in the guide above. You can give it a read and choose the right option for your eyes now!