How to Clean Lash Extensions at Home- Easy Simples Steps

Importance of Cleaning Lash Extensions

Eyelash extensions have magic to glam up eyes, everyday many ladies go to lash bar and invest money. Believe it or not a lot of clients do not know the importance of cleaning lash extensions and how to wash lashes by themselves.

Cleaning lash extensions is very important both for clients and the lash artist, it helps push out dirt, oil, dust particles, and any makeup residue, thus it will prolong retention time. If you want to keep lashes thick, full and lightweight, wash your lashes 2-3 times a week at home.

The benefit of Cleaning Lash Extensions at Home

  • Cleaning is easy and cheap. Only a few steps will bring your long retention, fuller looks, and healthy lashes. Prepare a lash cleanser set in your house, you may buy from Amazon or other lash brands at a reasonable price.
  • Deep cleaning eyelash extensions will reduce makeup residue, ensure lashes free of bacteria and prevent any infections.
  • Oil is the crucial factor that may break down the lash adhesive, cleaning lashes routine will reduce oil in eyelash and lash line, then extension time will last as long as possible.
  • Routing cleaning lash extensions will make your investment in money and time more worthy.

What to Clean Lash Extensions with

  1. Choose the right products. A professional lash cleansing kit includes a lash foam cleanser, mascara wand, and soft lash cleansing brush. The foam cleanser should have no oil in it, a special formulation designed for lash extensions.
  2. Keep eyes closed when cleaning lash extensions, don’t get foam cleanser into your eyes.
  3. Remove eye makeup before cleaning.

Simple Steps to Wash and Clean Lash Extensions at Home

1. Wet eyelash cleaning brush first and then tap it on a towel.

2. Pump out lash cleanser onto the eye, brush back and forth on the lash line. Gently clean from corner to corner to make sure all dust and particles washed off.

Clean completely between lashes with a lash cleansing brush, especially when you have a full extension set. If anyone gets russian lash, volume or mega volume lashes, the cleaning step may take a bit longer to dry, because there are more width and amounts of lashes put on natural lashes. A classic set will take a bit less time to dry.

3. Rinse the eyes with clean water after washing with cleanser. The cleanser is something soap-based, it should be washed out from corner to corner again. Like our hair and face get all soap off after cleaning. Make sure all cleanser have been got off.

Go into the next eye and follow the above steps.

4. Use a handheld mini fan to dry wet lashes at a proper speed. You will feel softer and lightweight when your eyes are closed. Let the lashes dry completely without clumpy lashes.

5. Use a soft-bristled brush mascara wand to brush all the fans to look nice and open.

Tips for the Best Way to Clean Lash Extensions

  • Start to clean your lash extensions after 24 hours, only after lash adhesive curl and adhere to natural lashes, then you could begin the cleansing.
  • Don’t use any cotton pad to wipe your eyes.
  • Use 100% oil-free eye makeup products.
  • Don’t rub your lashes anytime.