How to Remove Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extension brings you dramatic looks for several weeks, now it’s time to remove them for a new set or any other reasons.  You should get a professional to remove them in safe ways, just lay down and relax for 10-15 minutes. Below are products and tools needed for removal and a step by step guide on how to remove fastly, safely. 

eyelash extension cream remover

Tools needed in lash extension removal

  • Cream or gel lash remover: break down the lash bond, allow lashes extensions to slip off easily.
  • Gel eye pads: protect skin and eyes
  • Lint-free applicator or micro brush: apply removal product, wipe lashes off. 
  • Lash brush: brush lashes after removing and cleansing
  • Lash foam cleanser: oil-free cleanser special designed for cleaning lashes after extension or removal.

Step by step on removing eyelash extensions

  • Start by removing any eye makeup.
  • Apply the gel eye pads to the lash line, line it up with medical tape if necessary
  • Apply the cream or gel remover using applicator to the base of the extension. Make sure the remover does not run into the eye and skin.
  • Let the remover stay for 3-5 minutes to break lash adhesive.
  • Remove lashes gently from the root of natural lashes, never pull or tug real lash.
  • Clean excess lash remover then take off the tape and gel eye pads.
  • Pump lash foam cleanser over the eye area and brush it through the lashes, making sure cleanser not get into eyes.
  • Rinse lashes thoroughly and dry.
Following these steps will ensure that the unwanted lash extensions removal goes smoothly, safely, and don’t hurt natural lashes.
lash gel removal

Get lash remove by professionals

Lash extensions eventually shed off as the natural lashes go through the natural process of growing. However, if you want the lash extension removed, it is ideal that you get that done by a professional. It may be done wrong if you remove it by yourself. You could damage your natural eyelashes trying to remove your extension because the adhesive glue used is difficult to remove. Using home remedies may result in pulling off the lash extension, which may damage your follicles, hinder the growth of your natural lashes. Therefore, it is safer to go to someone who understands lash extension removal. Getting lash removal at home is not suggested.

A professional lash artist will be able to take measures to ensure that there are minimal irritations from remover. They apply all procedures extremely gentle, fully clean after removal while you just lay for a while with both eyes closed.

Lash removal price

Lash removal is costly from usd20- usd70 to remove and clean. Only if you are getting a new lash set, some salons will remove the previous extensions free of charge.


If you are a lash artist, whenever, remember to choose the most comfortable and safest removal product, treat client’s lashes with caution. 

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