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Different Under Eye Pads for your lashing business, safe, flexible, lint free and provides sooth and hydrate sensitive skin during lash apply, removal, lash lift.

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Best Belong is the best manufacturers of Under eye patch in China. The eye pads for eyelash extensions are perfect for sensitive clients in lash extension, lash removal and lash lifting. They are safe and comfortable to use.With the under eye pads, lash artists can create perfectly lash sets. The eye pads are made with different shapes for choose, and easily contour to any eye shapes. They are stick to skin and can be adjust to right place under eyes.

Best Belong is your one-stop solution for all your Under Eye Padsand eyelash extension supplies need. Send us your inquiries!

Features of Best Belong Under Eye Pads

1. Made of medical grade material, soft and sanitary.
2. The lint free surface can prevent tweezers catching on the fibers of the pad.
3. Flexible and soft, not causing pain when take off.
4. The safe eye pads provide soothing feeling and anti-aging treatment to client.
5. Under-eye skin is sensitive, which is why it is made of hypoallergenic, which is made of latex-free material.
6. The eye pad pieces are already die-cut. It is faster and more convenient to use.
7. The eye pads can be cut to any size and shapes for different clients.
8. Peel off easily and flexible to adjust, widely used in lash tinting, lash lift, lash extensions.

Benefits of Best Belong Lash Under Eye Patch

● Made with natural ingredientsto avoid irritation to eyesand gentle on skin.
● Hold the lower eyelash firmly and make the application of eyelash extension easy.
● Hydrogel eye patch helps to separate the lower eyelashes from the upper ones.
● Various Lint free under-eye gel patches for maximum retention and easy application.
● Ergonomic shape to fit variable eye shapes.
● Easy to make lash mapping on the eye pads for proper lash length applying.
● Provide a relax spa and assist with moisturizing and tightening the under-eye area.
● We supply selections for lash eye pads in different shapes, colors and packages.

Get Best Belong Under Eye Pads to Delight Your Customers

Microfoam under eye pads

These foam eyelash pads are not made of gel.They are made of high-quality sticky foam.It can be stretched in multiple directions and provides comfort cover of natural lashes. The foam eye pads don’t leak any liquid or gel to client eyes. And makes the skin brighter by reducing wrinkles and dark circles. It is water resistant. You can also use them on wet skin as they adhere firmly to the skin.

Non woven eyepads sticker

They are perfect for sensitive clients in lash extension, lash removal and lash lifting. Lint Free and made of medical grade micropore holes and material, soft and sanitary.They are sticky and easy to apply under eyes. They are safe and comfortable to use.

Gel Under eye pads

These under eye Gel patches are made with 100% natural ingredients and contain Aloe extract and Vitamin. Provide a relax spa and help to hydrate the under-eye skin. They also reduce the fine lines and improve the firmness of the skin. Natural ingredients to avoid irritation to eyes.Thin gel strip prevent lash liquids leak or burn to client's eyes. The upper side of the gel strip is super smooth. It helps keep the tweezers, glue, and other items from catching onto the gel pad.

How to Use?

1. Clean natural lashes and eye area with lash cleanser thoroughly before the application.
2. Dry natural lashes with lash dryer fan, brush the lashes.
3. Carefully apply the under eye gel pads on top of the lower eyelash without toughing the lower eyelid.
4. If not positioned right, you can reposition it.
5. Ensure your client is comfortable.
6. Use it immediately after opening and ensure not to reuse the gel pad.
7. If irritation occurs, remove it and wash with regular tap water.

Why Choose Best Belong?

One Stop Supplier

Best Belong manufactures eyelash extensions in various diameter, curl and length. You can find what you want.

Top Material Supplier

Best Belong only choose the Korean PBT fiber, which is best quality on market. Lashes are easily to pick up from lash tray box.

OEM Service

Best Belong has professional design team to make your logo on eyelash extension products. Different process for label sticker, stamp foil, UV printing.

Over 20,000 Lash Clients

Work with lash owners from different countries to make their brand outstanding and business profitable

Frequently Asked Questions

 Under eyepatches are designed for lash shapes, it’s securely and firmly isolate bottom lashes to glued with upper lashes, and the patches protect clients skin. The lash tapes are used to lift upper eyelids for better view of lash applying.

Lash gel pads Contains Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate & Sodium Carbomer, aloe, vitamine to sooth client skin and perfect for sensitive skin.

The gel lash pads are made with gel, it’s thinner than foam pads. While foam eye pads are perfect for clients with oily skin, it does not contain any gel ingredients. The foam tapes have moon, butterfly shapes to fit clients eyes. They are both perfect to prevent irritation and chemical burns.

No, when apply lash eyepads, remember to place the eyepads 0.2mm-1mm away from client’s waterline. This will avoid eyes redness and irritation effectively.

 Yes, we are China manufacturer and wholesaler for lash eye pads and lash extension  supplies, here you can find any shape and material eyepads. For bulk order, private label acceptable.

No, gel pads and foam eyepads are all disposable, don’t reuse it. We have developed a new design of silicone lash pads, it can be reuse after clean and sterilization.

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