Best Belong Lash Glue Wholesale

China professional lash glue wholesale vendor, bulk order accept private label service.

Best Belong eyelash extensions factory only supply lash glues with high quality and safety standards. All glues are vegan, cruelty-free and strong. We supply both strip lash glues and eyelash extension glues for professional artists use.

1. Safe Soft Ingredients for long lasting

2. Latex & Formaldehyde Free- NO irritation

3. Waterproof & Oil Proof

4. Easy to Apply and Remove for beauty makeup

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Best Belong Strip Lash Glue Wholesale

Water Resisitant

Easy to Apply

Adhere to Lash Line

Private Label Service

Custom Your Own Strip Lash Glue

The all day wear strong hold strip lash glue is designed with a soft thin brush tip applicator for easy wear strip lashes. Colors in black, white, clear.

If you are lash business owner, here is your right vendor to wholesale and custom your own strip lash glues. We are 10 years experience in collaborating with lash owners from all the world, help them get their own strip lash brands at cheap price and best quality.

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Black lash adheive wholesale

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White eyelash glue wholesale

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Private label sticker lash glue

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Rhinestone Lash Adhesive Wholesale

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White lash glue wholesale

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Eyelash Extension Glue

Best Belong produces medical-grade Black fast dry lash glue, 0.5s-1s super-fast setting time, vegan and long-lasting. Speed lash time.

Our most popular 1-2 second dry time lash extension glue. 5ML 10ML. Retention up to 5-6 weeks. Low fumes and odor.

Clear Lash Extension Glue Wholesale, The clear glue does not contain carbon black. Better for color lash sets and clients with sensitive skin.

Adhesive for professional eyelash extension use, the best glue for applying classic individual lash, premade lash fan volume sets Russian volume set, hybrid lash extension set.1

Safety Cyanoacrylate ingredient, allows glue fast setting for any level lash artists

Water oil heat resistant, keep lash sets long retention, easy to use

Working in widely humidity environment for good performance

Low order, no irritation, completely shake and correct storage for hypoallergic lash adhesive

About us

Best Belong is China leading lash glue manufacturer, only supply for bulk order lash glue wholesale and OEM. We are your best one stop lash products supplier. With developing many new lash products, working us will bring your much more profits. We have strictly quality insepection and 24 hour customer service, which ensure you always get lash glue orders in tbe best conditions.

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