Lash Extension Mirror

Best hand mirror to help technicians to see different angles of lash sets.

butterfly eyelash mirror

Do you know that lash mirror is a must have tools for any level lash artist?

It helps in viewing your lash works in different wide view and useful for lash isolation technique. The handy lash mirror is perfect to check lash taping, isolation, crisscrossed lashes during treatment without leaving lash chairs.. You can choose right length, curl and diamter for your lash sets. It's a key to perfect lash extension works. / Best Belong supply large selections for eyelash extension mirrors in shapes of round, heart, rectangle. Get your own wholesale lash mirror order or private label your business lash logo on the mirror, it will bring your business to a higher level.

Feature of Best Belong Lash Mirror

silver lash extension mirror

Durable material made and easy to clean, sanitize.

Perfect for check lash mapping, isolation, gaps.

color eyelash extension mirror

Portable size to use in lashing work.

custom lash extension mirror

Anti-fog mirror to closeup view of lash looks.

wholesale eyelash extension mirror

Different styles and shapes for every lash artists.

Why to Choose Our Lash Mirror

Lash Mirror Products

Anti fog handheld mirror for lash extensions.

Used to apply eyelash extensions to check client’s eyes.

Great Finish eyelash extension mirror is durable, compact.

Comfortable to hold and use, provide clear view.

Must have tool for lash artist, easy to look and observe.

Supply full access view to lash angles, perfect for lash views.

Small size for easy to grip and hand use.

Durable plastic and glass, lightweight and economical.

Custom Logo Lash Mirror

Best Belong supply private label service for lash extension mirror bulk order.

custom lash inspection mirror
private logo lash mirror

Why Choose Best Belong?

One Stop Supplier

Best Belong manufactures eyelash extensions in various diameter, curl and length. You can find what you want.

Top Material Supplier

Best Belong only choose the Korean PBT fiber, which is best quality on market. Lashes are easily to pick up from lash tray box.

OEM Service

Best Belong has professional design team to make your logo on eyelash extension products. Different process for label sticker, stamp foil, UV printing.

Over 20,000 Lash Clients

Work with lash owners from different countries to make their brand outstanding and business profitable

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Our Advantage

1. We are professional eyelash extension products manufacturers.

2. We offer private label service to custom your own lash products.

3. Work with us will save your time to find new products and make more profits.

4. We have full selection of lash supplies to you.

Our Service

1. Customized logo and private label.

2. Custom logo luxury box package supplied.

3. Private label lash extension products at a good price.

4. Fast delivery and safely payment.

Our Guarantee

1. 24 Hour online customer service.

2. Safe package for order to avoid any liquid leak.

3. Save your private label for future order.

4. Any after-sale service or support when you need us.

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