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Best Belong Eyelash Extensions supply wholesale lash tapes for lash extensions. The sensitive lash tapes are designed to isolate lower lashes and protect client under eye skins, they are a necessary and must lash tech supplies in classic volume lash extensions, lash lift, lash fill, lash removal. Our medical grade lash tapes are made of medical material, this ensure our lash tapes are soft, breathable and safe to use.

We develop more than 10 types of lash tapes to cater to every lash artists and make your lash extension wholesale supplies much more professional.

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silicone lash tape

Feature of Best Belong Lash Tape

1. Lint free lash tapes, easy to cut and use.
2. Flexible and soft, not causing pain when take off.
3. Skin friendly, easy to reposition.
4. Make lash taping down much easier.
5. Great lash tapes are perfect for watery eyes.
6. Hypoallergenic for extra protection on lower lashes.
7. Easily removed, not pull out lash extensions.
8. Different materials lash tapes, for different purpose and clients
9. Multi functional in hold bottom lash and lift pull eyelids.
10. Tape lashes to different layers for volume lash looks.
11. Can be used as under eye gel pads, sticky and stay in place when apply on eyes.
12. Not hurt eyes when place and take off from skin.
13. Color lash tape in pink, green, white, skin color, black to meet your lash extension use.
14. Various lash tapes for maximum retention and easy application.

How to Choose the best lash tape for your business?

Lash taping is very important technique for every lash artist. Correct taping lids helps to have better view and access for proper application. Most lash artists choose to place gel eye pads, then place lash tapes to secure client’s lashes without any pain or tears. Or when you have clients allergic to under eye gel pads, only use the sensitive medical lash tapes is a better choice.

Small: 1.25cm * 3.6m, large: 2.5cm * 3.6m

Color: white, pink, blue, purple, blue

Small: 1.2cm * 4.5m, Large : 1.2cm * 9m

White Japan lash tape

Color: pink, green, blue, purple

Size: 1.2cm * 9m

Color : white, skin color, black

Size: 2.5cm * 5m, 5cm *4.5m

Paper tape for eyelash extensions

Size: 1.25cm*4.5m length, 1.2cm*9m length

Material: medical plastic made lash tape

Micropore paper tape
Paper adhesive tape for lash extension

PE lash tape

Size: 1.25cm*4.5m length, 1.2cm*9m length

Material: medical plastic made lash tape

pe lash tape roll
pe tape for eyelash extension
breathable eyelash extension tape
Transparent plastic tape lash tape

Shop our wholesale eyelash extension tapes

Silicone Lash tape

Silicone Lash tape: The best silicone gel lash tape, easy to remove without hurting client skin. The silicone lash extension tape is medical grade material, does not slide during lash extension service. Silicone lash extension tapes are pain-free and latex-free. The best lash tape for sensitive skins. Size available in small and large. Individual package or bulk package in box.

Pink green blue lash tape

This pink lash tape is a breathable tape with baby pink.the thinnest tape is a little thicker than under eye tapes. It leaves no residue. 1cm width makes it perfect for working inner conners.. It does not pull or rip clients lashes.Size available in small and large. Individual package or bulk package in box.

The lash tapes are made of breathable and lightweight polyolefin film materials. They are lint free tapes and not hurn client skin. Colors available in pink, blue, hot pink and green.

The tapes hold better than other tapes, it's stretchy and work great for taping back.

With this tape you get the perfect adhesive which isn’t too sticky so it won’t pull the clients bottom lashes

Microfoam tape

Microfoam tape is specialized for eyelash extensions, with extra thickness, the foam lash tape can be used as gel eye patches. The foam tapes also works well to lift eyelids.

The microfoam lash tape is soft, it supply protection for clients.

You can cut any shape and size of foam lash tapes based on the client's eye shape, it's more customizable than other lash tapes.

Nichiban eyelash tape

This white lash tape is Japanese lash tape, features in stretchy and flexible, the tapes are desgined with small breathable hole on tape fabric, it’s very soft and much more safe for sensitive clients.

The nichiban lash tape is easily to secure bottm lashes. It will not pull out clients natural lash or lash extensions when finished extensions.

Paper tape for eyelash extensions

The micropore lash tape is cheap and economical lash tapes. Made of non woven fabric, the tapes are extremely thin and breathable. Size in 1.3cm width and 9m length. It helps to see the root of the eyelash clearly.or use these to tape down the lower lashes

The paper surgical tape is thin and easy to remove in lash extension application.

PE lash tape

The transparent tape is 1.25cm x 9m length, latex free and perfect for lash isolation. Medium thickness for plastic material, easy to use and tear off.

Benefit of Best Belong Lash Tapes

Our lash tapes are hypoallergenic tapes that you can find the best one for your lash business. The lash tapes are comfortable, medical grade, they secure bottom lashes and lift eyelids, makes your lashing service more effectively and quickly.Size available in small and large. Individual package or bulk package in box.

The safe material lash extension tapes are easy and convenient to apply, tear off, or cut to any length or size according to client’s natural lashes and eye shapes.

All of our lash tapes are not leaving any adhesive residue or harm to client’s skin and natural lashes.

Our bulk lash tapes have large stock, ready for your order shipment.

If you are lash salon owner, spa boss, makeup artists, lash extension distributors, get the different lash tapes to your products line, will bring more business and profits for you.

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Application of Best Belong Lash Tapes

Best Belong lash tapes are suitable for eyelash extension, skin bar, makeup salon, cosmetics studio, personal makeup.

Best Belong lash tapes are perfect for professional eyelash extension use.

The lash tapes are used for isolate lashes, hold bottom lashes, taping layers of lashes in individual lash set, volume lash set, hybrid and wispy lash sets.

lash tape for sensitive skin
Sensitive Skin Surgical Tape
Sensitive Skin Safe Tape
Eyelash extension tape for taping
Lash isolation Tape
Hypoallergenic Medical Tape
Sensitive green lash tape
Soft Micropore Under Eye Tape
Japanese Micropore Tape for eyelash extension

Why Choose Best Belong?

One Stop Supplier

Best Belong manufactures eyelash extensions in various diameter, curl and length. You can find what you want.

Top Material Supplier

Best Belong only choose the Korean PBT fiber, which is best quality on market. Lashes are easily to pick up from lash tray box.

OEM Service

Best Belong has professional design team to make your logo on eyelash extension products. Different process for label sticker, stamp foil, UV printing.

Over 20,000 Lash Clients

Work with lash owners from different countries to make their brand outstanding and business profitable

Frequently Asked Questions

Lash tapes need safely and cleaned stored in box o or hygienic way if you drop the tapes . Choose tape cutter or tape holder box is great to store and improve your lashing work in high efficiency.

Lash tape are used for taping down the bottom lashes after applying eyepads. It’s important lash extension tools to apply lash extension on different layers. When add lash extensions to eye corners, lash tape helps to make lashing work easier.

When you make lash mapping, you can mark the correct length on lash tape.

Try different lash tapes, then you will find the best lash tapes suitable for your works. The best lash tapes are gentle to skin, but adhere well and leave no residue during lash application. Choose the breathable, soft lash tapes to hold well when you taping back, taping down or taping lower lashes.

Silicone lash tapes are the newest tape products. The silicone gel materials ensure the tapes much more safe and soft to sensitive skins. They are great for taping up and layering lashes. Easy to remove. The silicone lash tapes is made of non-woven fabric and silicone gel, it’s much more breathable and super comfortable than other lash tapes.

Nichiban tapes is total white color, the bright white color makes contrast with natural lashes for lash artist get better views in lashing work. The white tapes is latex free, lightweight and very flexible.

Our lash tapes are the softest for skin and eyelash, but wrong method to remove lash tapes may cause trouble and extensions get off with natural lashes.

Never remove the lash tape parallel to how it’s placed into the skin instead.

Grab the lash tape by one of the corner closer to lashes. When you look at the tape from lash artist perspective, you will pull lower corner in 45 degree up.

Correctly removing lash tape, you will see no lashes are pulled and it go off like butter.

To create a dark lash line, you need to use taping back method for full coverage, choose the right lash tapes is comfortable and effective.

Inner corner is the most difficult part for eyelash extensions, Taping the lid horizontally and vertically is the best and easing way to making the corner area easier to apply lash extensions. Use our eyelash extension tape, then you can work precise and exactly for eyes corner.

This is the right taping back method when using under eye tape roll .

Place the eyelash tape horizontally across the tips of lash extensions.

Tape back different sections as you go to help get better access to the hard natural lash areas

Carefully release the taped back lashes slowly

Use your curved tweezers to remove the lashes from lash tape to ensure none of lashes are ripped out.

It’s important to pick the best tape for eyelash extensions when you are taping lashes and make sure the lash tapes is not too sticky. You can choose medical tape for eyelash extensions, surgical tape, paper tapes, silicone tape, sensitive lash tapes microfoam lash tape, try the different ones on your clients or those sensitive. Make sure the lashes not peel off when your remove the lash tapes.

Our eyelash extension tapes are for sensitive eyes, they are used to hold bottom lashes and secure eye gel patches in place during lashing process. They are also be used to slightly lift the upper eyelids to see natural lashes more clearly. You can use our tape lashes with glue also. Attach paper tapes onto jade stone glue holder and add glue.

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