The Most Popular Looks for Eyelash Extensions

You may have heard eye shape, face shape and body shape many times, when you want to have eyelash extensions, but not clear what is your eye shape and which style of eyelash extensions makes better on your eyes. We are going to let you know the typical five different lash extension styles, where you will find the best for you.

Doll Eyelashes: the most popular lash style, it’s good for downturn eye shapes, adding longer lashes in the middle of an eyelash to make eyes more open. Doll style use volume or hybrid lashes to get big eyes, it’s effective for many eye shapes, but not recommended for round eyes.

Cat Eyelashes: the most favorite never-wrong style, it’s in high demand during many lash styles. Different from doll eyelashes, cat eyelashes use with classic lashes and place longer lashes at the outside corner of eyes. This will make the eyes appear to be more open, wide, and lift. If your eye shape is downwards or wide, cat eye lash extensions are not suggested, since it will make eyes looks more downturned.

Staggered Eyelashes: a mix for short and long eyelashes to create a staggered look.  This style is much better for those who own plenty of natural lashes just want to get fuller looks.  So if you have strong and dense natural lashes, take the staggered eyelash style, it will bring you more volume looks. Those with spare and weak natural lashes, may not choose this.

Natural Eyelashes: Natural eyelash extension is a classic set, each lash adheres to one natural lash, it’s 1:1 ratio. This style is perfect for any eye shape, no matter you have wide or downward eyes.  It’s especially great for daily makeup, the natural set will save your time in eye makeup every morning and make your eyes more attractive.

Colored Eyelashes: which also called “mermaid extensions” use color lashes to make your eyes more open and give outstanding looks. You can choose a full-color set, or just mix 1 or 2 colors in your eyelash extension set. Black lash is used most commonly in the application, combine black and color lashes will bring more creative and dramatic looks, enhance beauty to a new level.

Know more details on the most popular eyelash extensions style and looks, is not only for clients but also very important for the lash artist, especially a new lash artist, create a unique and satisfying style, will bring more lash business.

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