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Best Soft Korea PBT Fiber

The black soft Korea material makes premade volume fan dark and neat, they are easily to pick up from tray without residue.

Mix Color and Length for Wholesale

We supply large wholesale order of premade volume fans, 8-15mm, 0.03 0.05 0.07 diameter.

premade fan volume set

Perfect for Hybird and Volume Set

Our premade volume fans are designed for any lash artists, you can save a lot of time to practice lash fans and create different looks by combining length and curl for your desired looks.

Customer Logo Service for Bulk Order

10 years OEM for lash brands and distributors, professional lash label and box design for your lash supplies wholesale. We supply loose lash fan, regular small tray, xxl large tray, free plastic premade fan box or luxury package box with your logo.

Premade Volume Fan Catagory

3D Premade Fan Pointy Base

3D pointy base fan

14D Premade Fan Pointy Base

4D pointy base fan

5D Premade Fan Pointy Base

5D pointy base fan

6D Premade Fan Pointy Base

6D premade fan

7D Premade Fan Pointy Base

7D pointy base fan

8D Premade Fan Pointy Base

8D pointy base fan

10D Premade Fan Pointy Base

5D pointy base fan

12D Premade Fan Pointy Base

6D premade fan

7D Premade Fan Pointy Base

500 loose fan

8D Premade Fan Pointy Base

1000 loose fan

mix premade lash fan

Mix Loose fan

color premade fan mix

Mix color fan

3D short stem fan

4d premade fan short stem

4D short stem fan

5d pre made fan short

5D short stem fan

6d pre made fan short

6D short stem fan

3D long stem fan

4D long stem premade fan

4D long stem fan

5d premade fan long stem

5D long stem fan

6D long stem fan

Frequently Asked Questions

Premade fans are made with synthetic fibers called PBT. These are soft, delicate, and lightweight feathers. Premade fans are handmade and joined together at the slim base. This ensures the lash set has better retention time.

We supply single length or mix length in one single lash box, package available in small tray, large tray, XXL large tray in 120 fans, 240 fans, 460 fans, 480 fans, 800 fans or 1000 fans.

  • Premade lash fans, save your time.
  • These lashes help you to save money, no waste time and money on practice handmade volume fans by yourself.
  • The lash artists can earn more by adding versatility to their work and products.
  • With the evolving trends, you must stay up-to-date.
  • If it is your client’s demand, you must use it.

When use easy fan or handmade volume fan, you must add glue to the lash base to stick the natural lashes together. Consequently, the handmade lash fans become heavier. But the premade lashes stick together with heat bond, they will be lighter in weight than those joined with glue.

On the other hand, easy fan lashes roots have much more glues to stick the get perfect fans, they are much heavier than premade lash fans.

Premade fans are available in a wide variety. They are classified according to their curls and bonding methods. The best-premade lashes are the ones which fulfil the needs of your client.

You can get the lashes in the range of 3D – 14D. Here numbers show the numerical value, and D shows the dimension. Similarly, you may get variable curls like J, B, C, and D-curl.

Also, some lashes (10D) are suitable to give a dramatic look, while others (4D/5D) give an eyeliner effect to your eyes. At the same time, some (2D/3D) is used only to add volume to your natural eyelashes.

The stem of the lash is essential as it provides the area to apply glue and stick to your natural eyelash. However, you can see different types of lash stems in the market. Let’s figure out their differences.

Short Stem Premade Fan

The short stem premade fan has a wider yet short stem. It needs more glue and gives a dramatic look to the eyes. However, with a broader glue area, it becomes heavier than long stem fans. These are appropriate to fill gaps. However, it doesn’t have long retention.

Long Stem Premade Fan

As the name shows, it has a longer stem. The stem requires less glue as it is thin at the base. Consequently, it is lightweight and gives your lashes more volume and an eyeliner effect. Due to the longer stem, it is easy to apply and lasts longer.

Promade Fan

It is the most lightweight solution to give a natural look to your lashes. Its thin roots enable you to apply it to the natural lashes and fill the gaps conveniently. Due to its narrow base, it requires less glue. Also, it gives a long-lasting result. This pointy base premade fan also known as pomade lash, which is the newest product and technology in premade lash fan industry.

The appropriate way to pick the lash fans from the lash set is to keep your tweezer level with the eyelash fan. Keep a distance of 2mm from the root and pick the fan up.

Apply premade fans same as classic individual lashes.

Applying premade lash fans is as easy as classic lashes. The lash fibers and prepared perfectly and glued together. Pick the lash fan from tweezer, apply glue to the narrow end base, and stick it to one of your client’s natural lash. 

Premade fans are an absolute alternative for volume lash extensions. These lashes are a blessing for those struggling lash artists who (even after several months) can not master the volume lash technique.

Picking up tiny fibers and glue them together, so they don’t strain your client’s eyes is hard to crack. Thanks to the premade fans – be the master of the lash industry!

It’s all about creativity! You are the artist; you can play with variable options from hybrid to mega volume looks. Mix and match the sizes and curls to create varying looks. Keeping your client’s demands in mind, you can create a natural, dramatic, voluminous eyeliner look.

Customized your own lashes without any hurt to natural lashes.

2D lash fans are for a light and fluffy look. With the increasing number, it changes to dramatic and mega volume looks.  

Choose your favourite tweezer is ok, there is no special request for premade fans. The premade fans are easily used with any tweezer, angled tweezer, 45 degree tweezer and more.

Carefully release the taped back lashes slowly

Use your curved tweezers to remove the lashes from lash tape to ensure none of lashes are ripped out.

The choice depends on:

  • The client’s choice
  • Natural lash quality
  • The shape of the eye

Thinner premade fans are better for a lighter look or fragile natural lashes. However, you can use multi-fibre fans to fill gaps and create a glamorous look.

Choose 0.07 2D-6D to create natural and volume looks.

Choose 0.05 8D-10D to make dramatic volume lash looks,  the thinnest 10D-14D are used to create mega volume looks.

We supply premade lashes in from 3D-20D.

Why Choose Best Belong?

One Stop Supplier

Best Belong manufactures eyelash extensions in various diameter, curl and length. You can find what you want.

Top Material Supplier

Best Belong only choose the Korean PBT fiber, which is best quality on market. Lashes are easily to pick up from lash tray box.

OEM Service

Best Belong has professional design team to make your logo on eyelash extension products. Different process for label sticker, stamp foil, UV printing.

Over 20,000 Lash Clients

Work with lash owners from different countries to make their brand outstanding and business profitable

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