Brow Sticky Ruler


Gone are the days when you were used to mapping the brow with a pencil. Save your time and effort and get 100% accurate results using brow mapping stickers.

These are the disposable stickers (to ensure optimum hygiene) to map the brow accurately. With these ready-to-use stickers, you save time while your client gets peace of mind.

Just peel the back paper and stick the sticker on your client’s forehead. You must start from the middle and move outwards.

These stickers ensure symmetry and the balanced shape and size of the brows. These are also suitable for tattoo placement on the face. These brow mapping stickers help the artist conveniently locate a good place for tattoos.

These brow mapping stickers are the ultimate solution to create perfect symmetry in the eyebrows. These are a must-have for eyebrow artists.



  • Easy-to-use
  • Adjustable and reposition stickers
  • Disposablesanitary use
  • Accurate measurements
  • Suitable for all face shapes
  • Cosmetic grade
  • Ideal for all skin types
  • For professional use
  • Time saver


  • Brow mapping stickers are used to shape the eyebrows accurately. It ensures symmetry and proper shaping of the eyebrows.
  • It is also helpful for facial tattoo placement. The tattoo artists can use this ruler sticker to measure the face and place the tattoo in the most suitable position.

How to Use?

These are the easy-to-use brow mapping stickers. Peel the backing off. Place the sticker in the middle of the forehead and press it slightly against the skin moving outwards.

With the help of the markings, you will get both the corners and middle of the eyebrows. The markings on the sticky ruler help you to get perfect symmetry and the exact shape of the eyebrows according to the face shape.

You can also shape the eyebrows as per your facial requirements. Ensure to copy the same markings on both eyebrows.

Details about Brow Sticky Ruler