Collagen Eye Mask


Sparkling and beautiful: The unique thing about this under-eye mask is that it has a sparkling texture of gold color that looks too cool.

High-quality ingredients: It is made up of bio ingredients that instantly rehydrate you under eye contour and reduce the tiredness and dark circles.

Anti-aging effect: This unique mask makes you look younger as it moisturizes the eye area and stimulates cellular regeneration to boost skin health.

Stimulate the skinning process: This gold mask helps stimulate the skin’s health as it is made of organic materials.

Anti-inflammation: This eye mask’s material is anti-allergy and does not cause any inflammation. Therefore, it helps to protect you from these diseases.


  • Avoid diseases:This gold mask has a material that keeps the skin away from the diseases like itching, inflammation, allergy, etc.
  • Rehydrate the skin:A gold under-eye pad is one of the best things to rehydrate and vitalize the under-eye contour.
  • Makes the skin smooth and healthy:It keeps it healthy and gives it a brighter look.
  • Reduce dark circles and wrinkles: It has an anti-aging effect. It is the best way to reduce your dark circles and wrinkles.
  • Vitalize the skin:These eye pads are the best source to provide vitamin C to the under-eye skin and boost the growth of the skin.


  • You can follow the procedure below for using these gold under-eye masks.
  • Clean the face with the help of warm water
  • Remove the eye mask from the packing and apply it to the under-eye skin
  • Leave the mask for no more than 30 minutes
  • Remove the mask and massage the area of the skin on which you applied the mask to maximize the absorption of the ingredients into the skin.

Details about Collagen Eye Mask