Crystal Glue Plate

The Crystal Adhesive Plate Keeps Adhesive At A Consistent Temperature Throughout Your Eyelash Extension Application.

Preventing The Adhesive From Curing Too Quickly.

The Crystal Adhesive Plate Aids In A Safe Application For You And Your Client, As Adhesive Fumes Stay Far Away From The Face.

To keep your crystal plate clean, it is recommended to use with micropore tape or disposable glue palettes for protecting the surface of the crystal and keep the glue drop in place.

Details about Crystal Glue Plate

Our Lashes Crystal Glue Plate is used as a pallet to put your glue on during your eyelash extension appointment.

This beautiful plate will keep your glue cool longer so that it will not dry out during eyelash application.

How To Use?

Place Adhesive Film On Top Of The Crystal Adhesive Plate And Drop 2-3 Drops Of Sugarlash Pro Adhesive Onto The Film.

Peel Away Used Adhesive Film After Your Application, And Wash Plate With Soap And Water.

Store In A Covered Location When Not In Use.

Key Features:

  • This the perfect design to keep your adhesive cool during theeyelash extension appointments, preventing glue from hardening and drying up too quickly
  • It can be used multiple times and cleans easily, because it has a non-porous surface.  Glue will not erode the surface like it does to jade stones.
  • Great to be used with Glue Plate film.