Duo Head Eyelash Brow Brush

Add some sparkle to your look with this duo head eyelash brow brush!

Why you should but this Duo Head Eyelash Brow Brush?

Functional type: The spiral brush used to clean the eyelashes at one end of the eyebrow tint brush can be adjusted at will to fit the shape of your eyebrows.

Sturdy: The eyebrow brush features fiber wool, and this can help the brush not only be soft but also sturdy.

Elasticity: Angled eyebrow brush has good elasticity and blending power, which can color easily.

Long-time use: The eyebrow makeup brush with its durable material, can be used for a long time, and this is economic.

How to use: One side of the duo eyebrow brush is the eyelash brush, which can be used to comb the eyebrows. The other side is an oblique eyebrow brush, which can be used to outline the eyeliner.

Details about Duo Head Eyelash Brow Brush