Eyebrow Brow Soap

Want laminated brows without the commitment?

This super hold, waxy brow soap creates full, fluffy brows that retain their shape all day without having to book an appointment with your brow technician.

There is a strong gel-wax formula that will tame and keep brow in check throughout the day, without the need for corrections.

We polish each tin, placed in a special, handy jar in and label everything by hand so that you get the original browsoap that not only works a treat but is also made with authenticity and expertise.

The soap is available with a capacity of 15 g, thanks to which it lasts for a very long time.

Details about Eyebrow Brow Soap

It’s  a hot, new and innovative brow styling product.

Whether you have sparse brows that need a helping hand, or you are rocking that bushy look, this browsoap will help you style your eyebrows however you like;

Why choose our Brow Soap?

Our product can be left on skin (rather than washed off), it’s free from fragrance, colour, and foaming agents, so won’t lather up, cause irritation, or leave unwanted residue in your brows.

Expect dimension and fullness, giving the instant illusion of bigger, bushier brows.

How to use?

First make sure your brows are clean and Spray the mist directly into the tin, then gentle rub with the spoolie, loading it up with product.

Use the applicator to gather some product until it becomes paste-like then brush through your brows in an upwards direction, starting at the centre of the brows.

Leave for a minute or so then go back and shape.

What we can supply?

Every brand should own their own brow soap. We can provide private label service. Send your quantity, logo, then check price with shipping. Design your logo label after payment. Low MOQ 50 bottles to customize your logo on brow soap.