Eyelash Extension Crystal Mascara Wand

This reusable eyelash mascara wand is essential for any makeup artist, eyelash technician or eyebrow professional.

Can be cleaned and reused.

Easily brush dense and warped extensive eyelash. Perfect for brushing Eyelash extensions during application.

Very chic, Easy to use and convenient to carry.

This beautiful mascara brush is the best tool to brush eyelashes or eyebrows.

The cap protects the brush and keeps it clean and hygienic.

The soft spiral nylon brush is gentle enough for eyelash extensions.

Great item to retail to your customers as an aftercare product.

Say goodbye to unwanted fluff from handbags or makeup bags and hello to brand new hygienic and stylish brushes!

Available in various glamorous styles!

Details about Eyelash Extension Crystal Mascara Wand

Every Client of an incredible Lash Artist should be given correct aftercare advice.

One of the first demonstrations should be how to keep their beautiful lash extensions, fluffy and neat.

Make your client feel extra special by presenting them with a  sparkling Swarovski Crystal Lash Wands.

With gorgeous crystal design and pearl light brush cover.

The combing mascara brush is designed for effective treatment of eyelashes and eyebrows at any time during the day.

The brush is super soft to glide through a volume fan opening it wide to create fluffier fans, and the cap is perfect for protective the bristles from dust and great for travel.


  • Available in blue,pink, purple, white,yellow,teal,green and hot pink.
  • For brushing eyelashes or eyebrows
  • The fine nylon fibers of the mascara brush perfectly comb both natural and extended lashes.
  • Accompany with brush cover can block dirt, dust, and make brush head more hygienic and safe.
  • Brand new and high quality mascara Wands/ Brushes with stunning crystals.
  • Sturdy aluminum tube and cap
  • It can be used for both professional and home daily care.

Key Features:

  • Reusable, Easy to Use, Practical.
  • High quality and beautiful appearance
  • This reusable eyelash brush is an essential tool for eye makeup.
  • This gadget will give you a glamorous look on special occasions.
  • Make your eyes look bigger and brighter with this gadget.
  • This brush set is essential for all of your makeup needs for a natural day time look or a dramatic one for evening dating.
  • By using this brush repeatedly, you will elegantly reduce the consumption of disposable tools.

Measurement Approximation: 17.3 * 1 * 1 cm
Weight Approximation: 12 g

This brush makes an excellent gift or retail item to offer to your customers.

Great to keep in your purse to touch up your lashes or brows throughout the day.

The removable cap protects the brush from dust, bacteria and damage, ensuring only the cleanest for your eyes.

The crystal rhinestones add a touch of glam to your makeup bag.

What better way to promote proper lash care than by retailing these gorgeous reusable Mascara Brushes!

Advise clients to brush their lashes once per day to keep them from getting crisscrossed and to safely remove loose lashes.

Flawless lashes and brows have never been easier!