Eyelash Extension Hand Pallet

This Acrylic hand plate is made of strong and sleek PVC .It can easily hold 10 eyelash strips, catering for all of your lengths.

And the perfect tile for eyelash extensions that fits comfortably to the back of the hand to assist with the treatment of Eyelash Extensions.

The Eyelash Excellence Hand Plate Palette is made from white Acrylic, this helps to reflect the eyelash extensions so they can be easily seen.

This acrylic hand plate tile is easy to clean.It can be disinfected with alcohol or a UV disinfectant.

Lightweight and comfortable, the acrylic hand tile palette can be worn comfortably all day whilst applying eyelash extensions.

Different from other eyelashes extension holders,our products are fit in size and the price is cheap.Clean and professional looking, no more strips loosing their stick.

The velcro strap that attaches to the hand plate can be washed an re worn time and time again.

Adjustable strap and Velcro pad attachment allows you to position the palette to suit you, just detach the palette from the velcro strap and re-attach in the new position to allow easy access to the eyelash extensions attached the the hand tile.

When you are finished with your eyelash extensions treatment, the acrylic hand palette can be stored safely away with your other hand tiles until your next client.

Details about Eyelash Extension Hand Pallet

Perfect for beginners and experienced lash technicians alike, this tool can hold upwards of 7 lash strips and can be positioned at any angle you like.

We include a one-size-fits-all comfortable and fully detachable elastic strap that allows you to position the pallet at any angle you like, meaning that this lash holder will accommodate your preferred method!

Key Features:

  • Lash Plate with Glass Crystal Platform
  • High quality plastic material, portable, reusable and pollution-free
  • Keep Lashes Organised, makes it easy to pick the lashes from the strip
  • Drop-resistant, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.It can be disinfected with alcohol or a UV disinfectant.
  • Strong & Sleek Acrylic Plate – Lighter than other acrylic eyelash holders on the market.
  • Detachable Elastic Strap – Fits all hand sizes.
  • The printed lines show the length of the lashes used most frequently to allow quick and easy procedures.
  • Perfect for beauty salons or individual use.


  • Eyelash extension application has never been easier
  • Speeds up application time
  • Eliminates contamination
  • reduces lash waste
  • Great for use with all strip eyelash extensions
  • Sanitary and disposable
  • Convenient

It is perfect way to work with your lashes during your treatment. The eyelash extension pallet can reduce your application time significantly by holding your lash strips closer to your client making the process of picking up and applying individual eyelashes quicker and easier. Simply strap onto your wrist and you’re ready to go!