Eyelash Extension Hot Pink Tape

The NEWEST tape design to enter the lash industry and is a must have for all technicians.

Our new non-woven lash tape is more advanced than that of the 3M Blue tape.

This non-woven lash tape delivers a non-slip, with a new breathable material which can holds bottom lashes down and works perfectly for taping the sensitive eye area to assist in isolation.

This pink lash extension tape provides excellent hold while still being gentle on the client’s skin.

It’s also designed to be non-irritating and hypoallergenic to sensitive skin types.

Details about Eyelash Extension Hot Pink Tape

Hot Pink lash tape is the ultimate tool for professional lash artists due to its innovative material and design.


Breathable Design: Our lash tape is made of polyolefin film materials, breathable and comfortable, not too sticky will not harm sensitive skin, or pull eyelashes when removing!

Easy To Use: This fabric medical tape is versatile, easy to use, tear, and/or cut without any pain or discomfort to clients. and can be cut into any shape, suitable for various eye shapes.

Our micropore under-eye tape is perfect for use under and around the eyes.

It holds bottom lashes down and works perfectly for taping the sensitive eye area to assist in isolation.

Soft eyelash tape applied to the skin and any joints, enough to meet your different needs in daily life.

Versatile for Cosmetic Applications: Extend’s Pink Eyelash Tape can be used to isolate upper eyelashes and lower lashes during the eyelash extension procedure.

Perfect false eyelash patch makeup tool, suitable for makeup salon, cosmetics studio, makeup artist, professional use, and personal use.


Color: Hot Pink





Used in the the application of Eyelash Extensions, it will effectively isolate both the upper & lower eyelashes for treatment.

Made of  high quality material, microporous, breathable and comfortable.

This eyelash extension tape is gentle and for use with sensitive skin.