Foam Eyepads Roll


  • Micro foam eyepads: These under-eye pads are not made of gel.They are made of high-quality sticky foam.
  • Antiallergic material:Under-eye skin is sensitive, which is why it is made of hypoallergic, which is made of latex-free material.
  • Good adhesion:To avoid slippage, these under-eye pads have exceptional adhesion.
  • Perfectpre cut shape: pre cut shape to Covers irregular contours of client’s eye effectively.
  • Easy to use:The eye pad pieces are already die-cut. It is faster and more convenient to use.


  • Multidirectional stretch:These eye pads can be stretched in multiple directions and provides comfort cover of natural lashes.
  • Safety Ingredients: the foam eye pads don’t leak any liquid or gel to client eyes.
  • Keeps the skin bright:This micro-foam under eye pads makes the skin brighter by reducing wrinkles and dark circles.
  • Water resistant:The foam used in these under-eye pads is water resistant. You can also use them on wet skin as they adhere firmly to the skin.
  • Great for sensitive skin:This comfortable micro foam eye pads offer comfort to sensitive skin.
  • Protects the lower lashes:Secure lower lashes in place and  protect the under-eye skins during the treatment.


The steps to use this micro-foam under eye pads are as follows:

  • Clean the skin first to avoid dust particles sticking to your eye pads.
  • Then unpack the foam eye pads from the packaging and gently apply the eyepads under eyes.
  • The inner corner should be secured before the outer corner. Repeat them on both eyes.
  • Remove the eye pads after lash application.

Details about Foam Eyepads Roll