Flower Gel Pads For Eyelash Extensions

The flower shape  eyepads are new lash pads, The flexible, lint free, hydrogel eyepads are the best lash eyepads and used in eyelash extensions.  The gel pads are designed to hold lower lashes firmly while povides sooth and hydrate sensitive skin during lash apply, removal, lash lift. With the hydro gel eye pads, lash artists can create perfectly lash sets. The eye pads are made with different shapes for choose, they are easily coutour to any eye shapes. They are stick to skin and can be adjust to right place under eyes.  



  • Size fits most.
  • Hydrating under eye skin.
  • Hold down bottom lashes in place.
  • Easy to re-position without losing its hold.
  • Natural ingredients to avoid irritation to eyes.
  • Contain Aloe extract and Vitamin.
  • Thin gel strip prevent lash liquids leak or burn to client’s eyes.
  • Provide a relax spa and assist with moisturizing and tightening the under-eye area.
  • Private Label logo for lash eye pads bulk order.


How to Use

  1. Clean natural lashes and eye area with lash cleanser.
  2. Take out the eye pads, peel off the film.
  3. Place the eyepads on bottom lower lashes.
  4. Repeat on the other eye.

Details about Flower Gel Pads For Eyelash Extensions