Glitter Lash Shampoo Brush

Give your look a sophisticated upgrade with this glitter lash shampoo brush!

Why you should but this Glitter Lash Shampoo Brush?

Eco-Friendly material: These eyelash brushes are made of fiber and have luxury  crystal handles. The fibers are soft to touch, do not irritate the skin, and are comfortable to hold and use in lash cleaning.

Multi-functional: Not only eyelash extensions cleaning brushes to break up any oils or makeup residue still left on the lashes. Also, the gentle brush cleanses deep down pores and removes black dots on the skin. Face, nose, and any cosmetic residue. It is able to go deep into pores for better cleaning performance.

Convenient to use: Each lash cleanser brush measures 4.92 inches in total length, is portable and compact, and effectively removes makeup and blackheads from the nose and face.



Details about Glitter Lash Shampoo Brush