Holographic Lash Tile

The acrylic holographic lash tile is a great way to work with your lashes during your treatment for eyelash extensions. A clean and professional look, no more strips that lose their stickiness.

Main Key Features :

Apply lashes faster

High-quality material

Pick up lashes with ease

Lightweight and convenient

Holographic finish lash tile

Apply lashes faster: With these lightweight and comfortable eyelash extension acrylic lash tiles, you can quickly apply eyelash extensions.

Quality material: It is easy to clean and carry, making these acrylic lash tiles the ideal lash holders for eyelash extensions. They are made of strong and sleek acrylic that is lightweight and durable, making them perfect for using with eyelash extensions.

Pick up lashes with ease: Your application time can be reduced significantly with this eyelash extension plate, as it holds individual eyelashes closer to the client, making it easier and faster to pick up and apply them.

Lightweight and convenient: By positioning the eyelash extension acrylic lash tile at the angle or position you prefer, you can pick up the individual extensions much more comfortably using your eyelash extension tweezers.

Time-saving: Get your lash strips well organized when prepping for clients. Prepare different curl and lengthed on one tile, lash artists can make lash sets quickly and perfectly.

Private logo service: We are professional supplier to make your logo on the lash tiles, only bulk order accepted, size on lash tiles can be made as your reuqest, 8-15, 8-14, 15-20 any size you want is available.

You can safely store the eyelash extensions acrylic lash tile when you are done with your treatment.

Details about Holographic Lash Tile