White Medical Tape Japan

Made in Japan medical surgical grade tape, with micro holes on surface to ensure tapes more breathable and lightweight. Package in individual or box.

We supply a variety of medical tapes for eyelash extension applications: transparent PE tape, Green Japanese Tape, Paper Tape.

Product Name

White Breathable Lash Tape






Good adhesion, breath, safe, soft.

Details about White Medical Tape Japan

Choose our new generation tapes for your lash application.
  1. Professional tools to hold down lower lashes and upper lid lashes.
  2. A must tools for lash artists.
  3. Medical surgical grade tape
  4. Super skin adhesion, easy tearing
  5. Suitable for eye shape to maximum comfort
  6. Latex-free and hypoallergenic for sensitive clients
  7. Multi use in lash extension, lash lifting, taping back and protect bottom lashes.