Lash Extension Spike

Are you looking for a way to add volume to your client’s lashes while saving time? These premium quality premade spike lash extension trays are the perfect addition to your lashing arsenal if you are not yet trained in Russian volume.

Best Belong Lash Spikes are made by placing 0.07mm 5-7 lashes in together to a closed fan. They are perfect for wispy lash sets.Choose a lash spiker 2-3mm longer than the lash set you are applying, this will get spike texture look easily.

Superior Quality: The premade spikes eyelash extension tray is made from high-quality synthetic fiber and can be used many times with proper care. The tray can be easily removed. There are no residuals, no sticks, and no kinks.

Easy to use: The foil strips can be easily removed from the basis, as well as the lashes can be removed from the strips. There is no doubt that eyelash extension supplies for salons and professional lash artists are incredibly time-saving.

How to apply: The lashes are first grafted with premade, classic, or easy fan lashes, and then the spike lashes are grafted on top or side of lash sets.. As a result, your customer will experience a fresh and eye-catching effect.

Cruelty-Free & Vegan: The premade spikes eyelash extension trays are made from soft and silky materials without the use of animals or animal by-products.

Private Label Service: For lash spike tray bulk order, custom logo accepted, C D curl, 5-20mm single length, mix length tray available.

With this premade spikes eyelash extension tray, you can have longer, thicker lashes that look and feel completely natural.

Details about Lash Extension Spike