Lash Lift Y Brush

Achieve lash perm perfection with the Lash lift Y brush! 

Color: pink, light green, purple, trasparent

Safe material: This Y-shaped eyelash brush is made of silicone and is soft and smooth, odorless and non-toxic, harmless to your skin, durable and lightweight, making the perming process easier and more comfortable.

Non-slip design: Y-shaped eyelash brushes are shaped to adapt to different eye shapes, can gently lift the natural eyelashes from the root, and permanently hold a gentle and comfortable feel.

Use: Use an eyelash wave lifting brush with a dab of glue and apply a little over the root of your eyelashes, then brush the eyelashes in an upward motion, the smooth and delicate eyelash wave protects your eyelashes from damage.

Easy to carry: Y-shaped eyelash lifting tool. The slim and lightweight design makes it portable, even when you are traveling, you can use it to clean the eyelash extension.

Wide application: the Y-comb for eyelash lifting is easy to brush the eyelashes and deal with eyelash glue or eyelash effect, making your eyelashes thicker and curly.


Details about Lash Lift Y Brush