Lash Removal Under Eye Patch

The under eye patches are perfect for sensitive clients in lash extension, lash removal and lash lifting. The eyepads are sticky and easy to apply under eyes. They are safe and comfortable to use.


Hypoallergenic lash eyepads: Works for sensitive skin. No irritation. Doesn’t leave any residue when peel off.

Extremely sticky: The eye pads don’t move around and easy to apply.

Easily cut to any shape: The eye pads can be cut to any size and shapes for different clients.

Lint Free: Made of medical grade micropore holes and material, soft and sanitary.

For sensitive skin: The eye pads can be used for lash cleansing and removing.

Easily used: Peel off easily and flexible to adjust, widely used in lash tinting, lashlift, lash extensions.

Details about Lash Removal Under Eye Patch