Crescent Lint Free Gel Eye Pads

Our hydrogel eye pads are lightweight and sleek, contain natural ingredients, safe and freindly for skin, two size fit most of eye shapes in lash application.

Use immediately after opening.

Bulk order accept private labelling.

Product Name

Lint-free under eye gel patch


Water, Glycerol, Aloe Extract, Vitamin C


7*2.9cm 7.6*2.9cm


50 pcs a bag

Details about Crescent Lint Free Gel Eye Pads

The best under eye gel pads lash extensions, most common used for eyelash extension.

When using the crescent under eyepads, keep the gel pads 2-3mm from client’s natual waterline.

Used to isolate lower natural lashes in application procedure.

Main Feature:

  • Contains Aloe extract and Vitamin C to nourish and moisture under eye area
  • Easily usage : perfect to fit shape of eyes
  • Made of medical grade non woven and film material
  • Sticky to eyes: hold down lashes from moving
  • Easy to apply and remove