Long Tip Microfiber Brushes

These long-tip microfiber brushes are perfect to apply bonder, primer, removers, and lash lift solutions. The long tips are bendable, allowing you to reach tiny places with tight access and get in between lash layers, speeding up the treatment time. Widely used in eyelash extension, brow lamination, dental, car painting.

Why you should but this Long Tip Microfiber Brushes?

Application: Eyelash Extension Micro Brushes make applying for eyelash extensions easier than ever in less time.

Easy to use: Disposable after use makes them easy to use and less costly than using other brushes that need sanitation cleaning.

Function: Have the right products available while applying for eyelash extensions so time can be cut down. Aids in applying glue, moving lashes into place, and removing excess product off skin or lashes.

Good Quality:  Non-drip tip makes them ideal for use around the eye area. The bottom slides open for easy access to one micro brush at a time and slides back for safe and sanitation storage.

Package Include: Lint-Free Micro Brushes. 100 Micro Brushes in all. Lint Free and Non-Drip.

Main Key Features

  • Easy to use.
  • Lint-free
  • Bendable handle

Save time, save material waste and reduce cleanup by using our economical and disposable micro brushes. Buy now!

Details about Long Tip Microfiber Brushes