Mannequin Head With Eyelashes

Now your practice doesn’t have to be put off until you have a live model!

Why you should buy this Mannequin Head With Eyelashes?

Classic and volume lashes: The lifelike practice mannequin is a new generation mannequin which resembles the layers you’ll find on an actual client. This mannequin will help you to master your lash isolation and application for both classic and volume lashes.

Similar to Real Eyelids: Designed in 3D effect, similar to natural eyelids shape, giving lash artists a more realistic operating environment. With 2 pairs of removable eyelids, you can replace them directly when they are dirty, enough for you to apply and practice eyelash extensions.

Convenient to Clean & Store: After application, you can use water or makeup remover to remove stains and makeup. To maintain them in a good condition, it’s recommended to place them on the simulated face to prevent them from falling off.

Wide Application: These mannequin head eyelids are suitable for makeup practice and eyelash extensions, especially for training and teaching. They are perfect gifts for your female family and friends, like cosmetology students, beginner eyelash artists and so on.

Main key features

  • Multipurpose usage.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Made of high-quality silicone.

Whether you’re a beginner lash artist or an advanced lash artist, this mannequin gives you the power to choose when to practice without waiting for a live model. 

Details about Mannequin Head With Eyelashes