Metal Teeth Eyelash Brush

Make a striking appearance with this Eyelash Curler Beauty Makeup Lash!

Create exquisite makeup: Lash separator tools with a round steel comb makes it easy for you to say goodbye to fly legs and help you quickly create exquisite eyelash makeup.

Shape: Eyelash combs ergonomic shape allows you to simply brush upwards without distorting your hands.

Convenient to carry: Lash comb is small and portable, easy to carry around.

Curved comb: Eyelash brush adopts a curved comb, which perfectly fits the eye contour, and can even slide between the eyelashes every time.

Functional: The eyelash comb separator can curl the eyelashes before or after using the mascara brush product or dry brushing, which can clean up excess mascara blocks and make eye makeup cleaner.

Details about Metal Teeth Eyelash Brush