Foam Tape Lash Application

Professional foam tapes for eyelash extensions

25mm width with high elastic, medical tapes, anti-allergy safe gentle to skin. Thick foam padding can be used instead of gel eye patch, espeically for clients have reaction to eye patch. Easy to customize to any shape.






Medical Foam Tape for Eyelash Extension


100 rolls

Details about Foam Tape Lash Application

Why we recommand the foam tape for lash artist?
  • Our Foam tape is medical grade tape, safe for eyelash extension treatment.
  • Super soft to skins.
  • Can be stretched for more coverage.
  • Not hurt or pain when removing from skin.
  • Thicker than other tapes, works well with clients who are allergic to collagen and gel patches.

We supply a variety of medical tapes for eyelash extension applications: transparent PE tape, Green Japanese Tape, Paper Tape.