Private Label Wholesale Lash Super Bonder

Get your own vegan super bonder for eyelash extensions

private label wholesale lash super bonder for extensions

Private Label Wholesale Lash Super Bonder

Get your own vegan super bonder for eyelash extensions

lash glue super bonder extend lash retention

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Do you know super bonder is a new revolutionary product in eyelash extensions? Lash super bonder helps lash artists get lash glue drys fast and have much more longer retention. If you are lash owners or brands, you can benefit from wholesale and private label the super bonder for eyelash extensions. The wholesale super bonder is special designed for lash extensions, it works well with any lash extension adhesive. Add super bonder to eyelash extension products supplies is the most popular choice for your lash business.

Benefit of Best Belong Lash Super Bonder

Best Belong lash extensions offer the vegan and Cruelty-free lash super bonder which are the best on the lash supplies market. We supply different bottle package options and printed label with your logo added on super bonder. You can private your own brand label super bonder at affordable price and high quality.

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Feature of Best Belong Lash Super Bonder

How to Use Lash Super Bonder

Wait 2 minutes after your lash application finish.

Dispense 1 drop of the superbonder onto micro brushes and apply on at bonding points.

Make sure all lash lines are touched by superbonder. Do not touch the skin.

Package for Eyelash Extension Super Bonder

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private label 15ml lash super bonder
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30ml lash super bonder wholesale

Best Belongsupply super bonder in wholesale price,private label service for bulk order wholesale. We have sticky label in white, black, transparent, gold foil, silver foil label. Labels include your logo, ingredient, directions, how to use. Your social media or website can be added.

Why Choose Best Belong Super Bonder for Your Lash Supplies?

Best Belong is the best lash super bonder and eyelash extension products manufacturer in China. Our lash supplies will take your lash business into a new level by proving your lowest price and highest quality. At Best Belong, our lash orders are manufactured in strictly quality control and ship in fast and safe package.

1. Best Quality: made in natural and safe ingredients, our super bonder are supplies to lots of lash brands across United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany and many other countries.

2. One Stop Lash Extension Supplier: Whether you are looking for super bonder, lash adhesive, lash trays, lash shampoo, lash application products, we own very powerful product lines.

3. Fast Sample Test: If you want to test any lash products and super bonder samples, we will supply sample test for you. It's charged.

4. Low MOQ: our super bonder is available in 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml. Start with 30-50pcs, will save your cost for lash business.

5. Short Delivery: Our professional lash extension will design your private label and ship quickly.

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Our Advantage

1. We are professional eyelash extension products manufacturers.

2. We offer private label service to custom your own lash products.

3. Work with us will save your time to find new products and make more profits.

4. We have full selection of lash supplies to you.

Our Service

1. Customized logo and super bonder label.

2. Custom logo luxury box package supplied.

3. Private label lash extension products at a good price.

4. Fast delivery and safely payment.

Our Guarantee

1. 24 Hour online customer service.

2. Safe package for order to avoid any liquid leak.

3. Save your private label for future order.

4. Any after-sale service or support when you need us.

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Professional Eyelash Extension Manufacturer

Best Belong is China eyelash extension manufacturer, we produce and wholesale eyelash extension supplies. As China eyelash supplier, we are always devoted to make best quality lash products. Own a factory of 100 experienced handmade lash workers, clean working environment, we supply many private label orders to eyelash extension distributors. Choose us, you will get one stop lash products supplies, from lash adhesive bond, lash cleanser, lash primer, lash superbonder, remover gel and eyelash extension tools products. All in your own brand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Primer is designed to moisture and clean natural lashes, it’s perfect for all types of natural lashes and deep clean the dirty in lashes. Primer is used before lash extensions, it helps to prolong lash retention. 

Super bonder is total different from lash primer, they are designed to curl lash adhesive from inside to outside, from inner to out, they lock lash adhesives in all layers.

When using super bonder, glue will absorb the super bonder. Using 2 minutes after you finished lash set will dry lash adhesive glue instantly, making the adhesive more flexible and waterproof.

Yes, our super bonder works perfectly with all brand lash adhesives. Since main ingredients of lash adhesive is Cyanoacrylate, the super bonder will cure the Cyanoacrylate to be more flexible, waterproof ad elastic. Super bonder increases lash retention time to more 1.5-2 weeks. It’s a lash game changing.

When using our super bonder, you will no longer need to use a nano mister or nebulizer at the end of each lash appointment. When using water devices to cure adhesives, the curing process starts from the out layer and humidity may stay in the adhesive.

Yes,  since using super bonder will reduce lash adhesive strong fume released, clients with sensitive skin and eyes are surprised that they don’t feel burning at all. It increases comfort.

Yes, lash super bonder is the best for eyelash extension, it works with any lash sets include classic, volume, hybrid, mega volume lash extensions. No matter you create a wispy lash sets or volume lash sets, remember to use super bonder for better and longer retention.

Store lash super bonder in dark and cool place, avoid direct sunlight, avoid contact with lash glues. For professional use Only.

No, never mix glue and super bonder together. When test to see the process of mixing lash glue and super bonder, you will find the lash glue curing super fast. They can only used after 2 minutes of lash application.

By using lash super bonder to cure lash adhesive, clients can get their lashes wet very soon. They don’t have to sleep on back after the appointment Their lashes can get wet and washed. Clients don’t need wait to 24hours.

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