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25mm lash wholesale

Our Story

Full of passion to lash industry, our company is committed to provide quality lash products at reasonable wholesale price for customers from all over the world. 

Locate in China, we deeply works in manufacturing false strip lashes market, with advantage in the whole lash manufacture chain .

Main products: 3d mink lash, 25mm lash, 5d lash, 6d lash, lash package box, eyelash extensions.

Service: premium quality lash supplies, customized service, fast delivery.

25mm Lash Wholesale

Supply more than 300 styles lashes, contact us for catalogue. 

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LX PLUS-38 25MM Lash Wholesale

LX PLUS-34 25MM Lash Wholesale

LX PLUS-44 25MM Lash Wholesale

LX PLUS-50 25MM Lash Wholesale

Private Label Your Lash Brand

  • Our company is the right place where you can buy cheap and quality false eyelash, custom your logo to start your lash business. 
  • Help thousands of lash owners to put their logo on box.
  • Only choose quality real mink to ensure your lashes comfortable to wear, stable curl to get different looks.
  • 500+ lash styles and package box, have enough stock to ship fastly.
  • LOW minmum order to put your logo on.
  • Collaborate with us, save your time to and make you earn more.

Product Show

We make vegan 3D mink lash, 5D mink lash, 25mm mink lashes. 

Contact us to choose your styles and boxes.

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